Different Types of Essays That You Are Likely to Encounter

Writing essays is an integral part of academic life in Australia as students are expected to demonstrate that they have understood the things taught through the essays. Therefore, Aussie students should know how to complete various types of essays, as this plays a vital role in academic success.

It is also important for students to know that different types of essays exist because there are different rules to be followed when writing them. In most cases, students who manage to write the right type of essay get the essay questions right compared to those who do not understand the requirements for these different essays. Some students usually end up getting confused when they learn that numerous types of essay writing styles exist.

However, such students should not be worried because the company can help them with their essays irrespective of the type. Over the past years, the company has helped several students who were worried about their essays as they did not know what rules to follow in their successful completion. The company has a team of writers with knowledge on a wide range of essays.

These essays include:

  • Descriptive essay;
  • Narrative essay;
  • Compare and contrast essay;
  • Argumentative essay;
  • Expository essay;
  • Persuasive essay.

A descriptive essay refers to an original essay that is meant to provide a detailed analysis and descriptive of a subject, and this can be a person, event, and literary piece among others. Students who have been asked to complete a descriptive essay should understand that the details they provide in the essay matter. A narrative essay refers to one where a student is expected to tell a story.

The story can be about the student’s real-life experiences. It is important to note that vivid stories can earn students more points or grades. Students should also be careful when writing narrative essays since some instructors may want to test their knowledge of the different types of narrative essay. These include viewpoint narrative, historical narrative, and descriptive narrative among others.

A compare and contrast essay is one whereby a student is required to identify the similarities and differences between two things, people, or events. Therefore, Aussie students who have been asked to write such an essay are expected to have adequate information about the subject in question. An argumentative essay is used to persuade the reader of an essay to take the viewpoint of the author, in this case, the student. Therefore, students should rely on facts when writing such an essay.

An expository essay is meant to expose a subject’s details in a simple way in such a way that a reader does not encounter any problems in understanding the subject. Therefore, proper research is expected to be conducted when writing the essay. A persuasive essay is written to a specific target audience for certain action to be taken.

It should be characterized by facts and examples. It is evident that several essays exist and students who may have problems with completing any type should not hesitate to contact our company because we provide quality essays at one of the most affordable prices in the industry.

The Different Types of IELTS Essays

As is the case, Aussie students should be aware of the fact that the second task of IELTS is about writing an essay. The weight of the essay part is double the first part, and this means that students should prepare adequately for this part as the points they score in this section can determine their overall points.

Despite the essay being only 250 words, students should prepare adequately because they are likely to get low points if they do not understand the types of IELT essay that they have been asked to complete. Moreover, proper preparation should encompass a review of some of a list of commonly evaluated themes in such essays. They range from science, education, environment, work, information technology, and arts to sports among others.

While these topics may seem basic, students who do not engage in early preparation are likely to score lower points. However, such students should not allow such a situation to happen because our company is committed to assisting students to complete their essays. Our writers can pinpoint some of these common themes; therefore, students who assign the company their essays will likely not regret it.

As stated already, different types of IELTS essays exist, and if you know how to differentiate them, you will likely score high points. The common types of essays in IELTS include:

  • Advantage/Disadvantage essays;
  • Discussion essays;
  • Opinion essays;
  • Problem and solution essays;
  • Direct Questions Essays.

In advantage/disadvantage essays, your instructor expects you to engage in a thorough discussion of the positives and negatives of the assigned topic. It means that you should solely focus on the two aspects of the topic, as these are what will be evaluated. In discussion essays, students are expected to discuss different sides of a matter that is usually presented in the form of two different and opposing opinions.

Students should be careful when writing their opinions in this essay, as they are only required to do so when asked. It is necessary to provide sufficient points for both sides. In problem and solution essays, students are expected to discuss an issue then offer a solution to it. You should ensure that you present reasons for selecting a certain solution.

In an opinion essay, a student is provided with a statement that he or she is supposed to analyze and provide his or her position. The student is expected to complete this in an essay format, and if he or she presents it in point format, he or she will likely score lower points. Australian students should know that this type of IELTS essay is the most common. Students should ensure that they take their time before picking a position and refrain from changing position in the course of the essay.

Direct questions essays are considered as some of the most complex IELTS questions because students are usually tasked with responding to two or more questions. In most cases, these questions can be general ones making them difficult to discuss. Students should ensure that they read the presented questions carefully so that they understand what is required.

It is important to break the questions presented into parts, as this will help in understanding it. Remember to organize your essay in a manner that the points for the questions asked can be easily identified. With this information, students can manage to write outstanding essays. Others who need assistance can freely contact the company as we have all the resources to help in the successful completion of the essays.

The Different Types of Argumentative Essays and What They Entail

Despite managing to identify a variety of essays that most Australian instructors can ask their students to write, Aussie students need to know the various types of argumentative essays as such essays are common in most assignments. Argumentative essays exist in different forms, and knowledge of these can be vital for academic success among Aussie students.

The different types of essays include persuasive, personal, analysis, and research papers. In persuasive essays, students should ensure that they defend a particular position using facts. They try to convince the reader of the essay that the position in which they have taken is better than the other position.

Clear identification of the preferred point of view, and using evidence in the following paragraphs to support the selected point of view should characterize persuasive essays. Research papers in an argumentative form should use external sources to help in supporting a certain argument. In completing these papers, students are not expected to be biased, as they should provide a balanced approach.

Analysis essays are argumentative essays that focus on other people’s arguments. A student is expected to analyze the position of another person on a specific issue. Students need to ensure that they make a case for the persuasive ability of the essay they are analyzing. Some of the components to include in these essays are clarity of writing, evidence, presentation, persuasiveness, and style.

An additional type of argumentative essays is the personal essay. Just as the name of the essay sounds, in personal essays, students are not required to rely on external sources to defend their positions; instead, they should personal taste, opinion, and subjective reasoning. They should understand that getting other people to share with them their positions may be challenging and this is the reason they should present compelling arguments.

Knowledge of the various essays that college students can be asked to complete is important if one wants to score higher points in Australian institutions. Despite knowing how to write different essays, some students may be busy or committed to family activities, and this means that they may not get sufficient time to complete their essays.

If you are such a student, do not worry because our company has got you covered. Simply sign up or call us now, and you will get immediate assistance. It is that simple!