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Are you looking for professional editing? Well, do not seek anymore. We do all kinds of online proofreading jobs tackling tasks such as essays, theses, term papers, coursework, among other written academic assignments. Students have been leveraging our high-quality editing services for a little of a decade now. So far, the feedback we get regarding our service goes on to show that most of our clients are satisfied with our work.

Our experts are good at what they do. If you keep proofreading documents with us, you will realise that with time, your use of language in texts is improving. All this is possible because our proofreaders provide you with useful feedback about the clarity of your thoughts and the structure of your work. Also, you can rest assured that all alterations made to your text are necessary because our proofreaders know everything about Australian academic writing.

You can access our editing services at any time of the day. Our professional proofreaders work around the clock to ensure that you can get the services you need right when you want them. At no time will you have to wait before you get connected to a proofreader. We pick up on your orders immediately to ensure that you never miss a deadline. Remember! Provide detailed instructions when uploading your work to enable us to give you the best service.

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Do not be reluctant to contact us when you need an essay, term paper, or thesis proofreading. You can get through to us via email, text, phone call, or Chat. We are always ready to hear from our customers.

Issues That Cause Students to Seek Our Proofreading Services

Our customers face an array of challenges that make it difficult for them to proofread their texts effectively. Let’s have more in-depth scrutiny of these issues.

Lack of time: You might not have time to proofread your work because you have to start working on another assignment immediately. Therefore, you will be forced to submit a paper that is not checked and refined when the time for handing in the same comes. Consequently, you might end up getting a low score in the assignment due to having tons of silly mistakes in your texts.

Tiredness: Life as a student is often hectic. Each day, you have to do tons of assignments, follow up on appointments with professors, revise for exams, and also keep up with your friends. By the end of the day, you will be so drained to do anything. However, if you manage to summon your last bit of energy to write an assignment, not much will be left to allow you to proofread your work effectively.

Poor understanding of English: Many students find it difficult to proofread their texts due to having a limited grasp of English. In this state, students are not in a position to identify the mistakes that they have made in the texts. And given that they will be forced to submit their assignments “as is” they risk getting low scores in the assignments even if they had their texts contained plenty of correct ideas.

Disruptions from family/ work: There are times when you will try to complete your assignment in the library, but you fail to. So, to ensure that you finish the remaining part, you will be forced to carry your paper home or even to work. Now, in these settings, there are bound to be may interruptions that might bar you from performing excellent editing on your texts.

Lengthy documents: You might have already completed your 30-page document and what remains is the editing bit. Now, when you try to sit down to go through your long texts, the sheer magnitude of the task ahead of you causes you to feel demotivated. In this state, it will be quite challenging for you to proofread your work effectively. And if you have no other option but to go ahead with your ineffective checking, you risk turning in a paper that is laden with mistakes right from the introduction through to the end.

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How Our Proofreading and Editing Service Helps You

Working with our service assists you in several ways. Here are some of them.

Getting academic proofreading from us ensures that you get to beat the deadline. We have super-fast proofreaders who will swiftly check and refine your work ensuring that it gets to you within the deadline you stipulate.

Our editing and proofreading services also help you to turn in papers in excellent English. While here, we will connect you to native English proofreaders who know how to use the language well in writing. For this reason, you will submit an assignment in flawless English even if your understanding of the same is inadequate.

Have too many assignments on your table? When you hire us, we will tackle your editing tasks and thus give you time to do the others. Do not torture yourself checking your texts. Not when we are here.

Enlisting our services also ensures that you get time to do other vital things, for instance, revising for upcoming exams, attending important family events, setting up presentations, and so forth.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your editing task? We can relieve you from this stress. When you hire us, you do not have to keep worrying about your task. Instead, you can get to relax and plan your day tomorrow.

Advantages of Using Our Academic Proofreading Services

As our client/ customer, below are some of the advantages you enjoy:

  • Top Proofreaders

All of our experts are Masters and PhD holding experts with years of experience. Thus, they are in the best position to provide you with high-quality service.

  • Student Friendly Prices

Our service exists to serve students. For this reason, we set reasonable prices to allow them to access our services. We will never charge any of our customers an exorbitant fee.

  • Fast Turnaround

Expect quick completion of your task whenever you make your order with us. We will never miss a deadline.

  • High-Quality Work

Our proofreaders will do several rounds of checks and edits on your work to ensure that all errors are eliminated. Apart from that, you can count on them to do a comprehensive editing process that entails reference and layout checks, structure checks, and clarity checks.

  • Safe Payment Methods

Your funds and credit card information are safe with us. We only cooperate with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, among other trusted payment channels.

  • All Subjects and All Topics

We have field-specific experts who are capable of editing and refining texts within their areas of expertise. If you give us a medical paper, you can rest assured that only a proofreader with a medical background will work on it.

  • 24/7 Availability

You can access our services 24/7 all year round. Our dedicated proofreaders wake up each day to help all customers in need of their services. Feel free to make your order with us be it at the crack of dawn or late in the night.

  • We Help You Improve Your Writing

Our proofreaders leave constructive feedback on your work that can go a long way in helping you learn how you can become an excellent writer.

  • Our Experts Are Open to Discussions

If you have any pressing concerns/ queries regarding the work one of our proofreaders has done, feel free to reach out to them for clarifications. All of our experts know that they are expected to cooperate with customers until everything is ironed out.

How Our Editing Service Works

Follow this simple 4-step procedure to work with us on any day:

  • Upload your document and choose the specific pages you want to be edited. Then, specify your field of study and your deadline.
  • Pay the amount we will generate on your screen. After confirmation of your payment, we will handpick a suitable expert and assign your order to them.
  • Keep tabs on your task by directly messaging your writer over the message board.
  • We will contact you via email/ SMS to inform you of the completion of your task. You can then proceed to review your edited paper before downloading it from our site.

These Are the Guarantees You Enjoy Only with Us

We are a professional service dedicated to your utmost satisfaction. To that end, we give you several assurances when you use our editing services. Check them out below:

  • Money back if your school cancels your assignment after we proofer it for you.
  • We will guard your information and never share it with a third party.
  • We will complete your task on time.
  • All of your editing instructions will be followed to the letter.
  • We will provide you with a high-quality document that adheres to the norms of Australian writing.
  • We will deliver a 100% original paper.

Hire a well-reviewed proofreader to get flawless work here!