Introduction to Privacy Policy

Here at Writeperfect Ltd., a private limited company (registry code ΗΕ 346067; registered office address: 1-3 Boumpoulinas, Bouboulina Building, Office 42, Nicosia, 1060, Cyprus) we respect your privacy and we are committed to processing personal data of our users/customers in a secure and manner in line with our legal obligations.

Privacy Policy of Aussie Essay Writer Service is created for the purpose of disclosing basic information concerning our services and their customers’ usage, as well as special circumstances where we are able to reveal your data.

Main Principles

It’s more than essential that our clients keep their trust to website. For this reason we are welcome to introduce each of our clients to the key principles of the service’s cooperation with each customer and assure everyone in their privacy. For better comprehension read the terms of Privacy Police below:

  • Generally, we require two types of data from a usual customer: (a) personal information to identify the person, such as phone full name and cell phone number, and (b) the information that doesn’t necessarily identify you, such as type of user’s browser and IP address.
  • This particular information is being spread and held only within the territory of Australia.
  • We use this information to give you access to our web-page and various services we provide to customers, as well as watching our products’ online sales.
  • Our third parties, such as promotional partners, advertisers and providers, are allowed to receive the data we possess.
  • The usage of “cookies” is directed to send you advertisements from advertising networks, who gather the information about you and also sends the additional ads about our website. (go to section III below)
  • If something doesn’t satisfy our customers, they can always opt-out of certain options. (see the details in the section IV)
  • For better protection of your information, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software with the aim of privatizing your personal data.
  • You have the option of editing information you provided, when you have registered on our website.
  • Contact us by clicking here in case of having any questions or concerns or any privacy issues that might occur during AussieEssayWriter.
  • We do not provide our services for children under 13 years old.
  • We may change the terms of this Privacy Policy list, when it’s necessary, that is why we strongly recommend our customers to check the recent updates of this page from time to time. As soon as some changes are done, we send immediate e-mails.

Privacy Policy page

What information do we require?

As it was mentioned above, we collect two types of information: (a) personal information to identify the person (“PII”) and (b) the information that doesn’t necessarily identify you (“Non-PII”).

  • Personally Identifiable Information: This type of information is provided by you, when you register on our web-site for further co-working, in addition when you agree on reviewing, participating in surveys and our web-site’s promotion. You’re required to provide:

1) your full name, phone number, email address, mail/shipping address and credit card number;

2) age, gender, preferences towards your shopping choices

3) some comments on our Site.

  • Non-Personally Identifiable Information: The other type of information requires your IP-address, type of browser, ISP, OS, websites you have used to get onto our web-page and thereto and the way you use our Site, which also includes the duration of the visits.

Which way do we use the assembled information?

Personally and Non-Personally Identifiable Information is collected for the purpose of improving our Services and creating ways to provide them in more convenient ways, as well as considering your possible requests and dealing with issues in advance. In addition, we have to understand better our customers’ preferences and needs.

There are several situations, when we may disclose the information to:

  • Third party service providers, who are in charge of important operations on our web-site, such as managing data, process credit card operations and others.
  • Certain parent and affiliated companies for operational, marketing and promotional purposes.
  • Partnering companies we co-work with and the other companies we have relations to.
  • Or any other customers, when you allow to reveal your post reviews, comments or other data, related to our services and products, to publicity or agree chatting with other users via public forums (e.g., message boards, bulletin boards, etc.).

Moreover, our usage of non-PII information spreads on website traffic analyze, better understanding of users’ needs and preferences and performing promotional activities (see “Preference Based Advertising” below). The acquired information from you and others is collected in order to make reports about online sales for merchants and other interested parties.

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The safety of information

Our Australian essay writing service considers the security of customers’ information an essential goal. All the data is transferred by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which ciphers it. In addition, we use a secure hosting location in Australia and other special technology for protection your personal information. Though, we need to warn every customer, who inputs his PII on our web-site, that we do not guarantee the full safeness of any kind of data being disclosed or transmitted to us, nor we are in charge of theft and inadvertent disclosure of your PII. In case the unwanted situation happens, everyone will be notified by an e-mail immediately. We might postpone with sending you a warning e-mail, since it takes time determining the real problem and restoring the whole system.

Opt-outs and other options

When you’re a member of Aussie Essay Writer Company, you automatically receive an access to the section where you’ve input all the personal information with an option of editing and correcting it, whenever it’s necessary. There can be times, when it’s impossible to edit the wrong information – please contact us, if this happens to you. In addition, if you desire to get rid of the membership account, some of your particular data may still be kept in certain circumstance. You should know that your data cannot be fully deleted from the database due to technical legal constraints.

Generally, every customer has a choice of opting-out some of the functions, including (1) stopping our e-mails’ notifications, click here (2) refusing receive preference-based ads, click here (3) stop sharing your personal data with merchants, click here (4) options we offer when you do submitting through website.

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In case you have further questions and requests towards the Privacy Policy of our essay writing service, click here to contact us.


We do not provide our services for children under 13 years old, which is why anyone under 13 must not fill out the PII section under any circumstances. If you’re still a minor, our service allows you to use our Services only with an involvement of either a parent or a guardian.


Due to the changing of our business practices, our Privacy Policy is constantly updating. We are responsible for acknowledging you about any revisions by sending you an email or other notification.

Sole statement

We have put all the necessary information regarding the usage of AussieEssayWriter Website and Services in Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages. This is the only privacy statement, which is valid.