Six Very Popular Photo Essay Example Types

Photo essays are of all kinds. The feature common across them all is that they elaborate the details using a photograph as a tool. The pictures help express what thousands of words cannot, and that too, more effectively. It’s a possible way of sharing information in an unbiased manner.

When a writer produces an essay, it can be favoring a certain element or side depending upon his/her stance or choice. But when a photo is shared, the audience can make judgments individually and independently to draw rational, logical, and unbiased conclusions. Photo essays discussed in this article include:

  • Essays about protests.
  • Transformation-based photo essays.
  • Essays regarding various photos of a certain place.
  • Essays on the organization of local events.
  • Story based photo essays.
  • Photo essays for behind-the-scenes drama.

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Six Great Photo Essay Examples for Students

Photo essays are a compelling genre of essays. With their visual features, they evoke emotions and narrate stories for the viewers. To write the best, you have to utilize your creative and critical thinking skills. Here are some examples of photo essays. You can select any one of them depending upon the equipment you have and your photographic level.

Photo Essays About a Protest

Protests are carefully planned and organized events. They are full of people in different positions – some sitting, others standing, and yet others moving. You can easily see different kinds of signs and banners in the hands of random protestors. It’s a useful way of practicing on a mobile crowd which makes for a good photo analysis essay.

As you write the photo essays, try to get the gist of the protest’s atmosphere and spirit. This can be done in different ways, but you’ll need to use a myriad of skills to write it well. To start with, you should think about perspective, framing, and components of the scene. To take the photo, move towards the front of the crowd and try to capture the person or group of people who are heading the protest. After that, quickly make your way towards the rear of the crowd so that you can capture the families and individuals moving along.

Another significant detail of a protest that shouldn’t be missed are the bystanders on all sides of the road. They are people who watch how the protest unfolds without actively participating in it. You can quickly develop excellent protest essay photo skills by capturing these moments.

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Photo Essays On the Process of Transformation

It’s among the most commonly used themes in a photo essay English because it helps to reflect the change. It can be slow like a woman in different phases of pregnancy or the images of an individual who grows from a baby into an adult, showing all stages of infancy, adolescence, and teenage in between.

Since they are photo essays, the transformation may not necessarily involve people as its subjects. You can even take a series of photos of a building that goes through various phases of wear and tear ever since its construction. It may be rehabilitated or modified structurally or concerning its design to accommodate the growing and changing needs of its inhabitants over time.

It’s an effective way of showing the process of change and transition with the help of images. Your creativity and meticulousness of approach are of paramount importance. You may even take the same image of the same place or thing at different points in time, and yet show how different factors have affected it in all those instances.

Such projects are exciting because they reflect how the subject altered over time. The audience can see the new and compare it with the old. People are fascinated by the idea of comparing the present with the past, considering how quickly time goes by.

Essay About Different Photos of One Place

It’s an essay in which one thing is photographed multiple times. The effects of different factors on it become evident as its state can be analyzed at different points in time. While times change, the subject or theme remains intact, so you may also refer to it as a thematic photo essay. Such an essay can be of anything ranging from a building to a place like a park. The only requirement is that there should be some change in the areas from one day to another.

Local Events Organized in Your Area – Typical Photo Essays

Regardless of the place that you live in, many local events are arranged from time to time all across the year. The events might be dances, fundraising programs, music festivals, and display of designers’ clothes. The organizers of these events typically require a photographer. If you are fortunate, you’ll also get paid. But if not, you’ll at least get the images published with your name underneath them as the photographer.

You’ll be required to take candid photos of people involved in different sorts of activities in the event. It’s a good approach to practice taking images of atmosphere and emotions. Since the event is local, you can come across different people who also require the services of a photographer, so you can grow your network keeping and sharing your business cards as you go.

Photo Essay Story – A Very Interesting and Thrilling Theme

Ever heard of Urbex or urban exploration? In it, you go to a building that has been abandoned and take photos of the various places and elements inside it. It’s an excellent commentary on our world’s state. It’s a way to witness how things used to be before, and how the inhabitants of the building used to spend day-to-day life.

The audience gets an opportunity to travel back in time without using any machine. Such places are handy for great and memorable shoots of photo essays since they carry a very high level of details. The photo can very suitably be placed in a narrative essay.

Be careful as you take photos of such places because it can be risky. You might have to use different kinds of lenses to capture all details in the spaces inside effectively. That’s what a professional photo essay website does. Likewise, you’ll capture different kinds of shapes, forms, and patterns to create a story.

Behind the Scene Photo Essays with All Interesting Details

Have you ever modeled for a fashion shoot? If you have, you might be aware of the drama that takes place behind the curtains. The models have to get prepared for the ramp quickly. As a model gets just back from the ramp, he/she has to instantly change the attire to be there for his/her turn the next time.

So many models are in different interesting positions and activities. Some are getting makeup from the artists while others are getting laced up. One photo can capture all these interesting details so that the audience can learn what all it takes to organize a ramp walk.

In many ways, what all is going on behind the curtain is much more interesting than what is shown on the ramp. While in the public eye, the models make different poses as their photos are taken. It’s very typical and not so much fun. However, if you capture details behind the scenes, you can see the effort of the stylists and artists too. All of it takes place before or between the shoots.

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