Fundamentals of Good Reviews – It Movie Review Example

Writing a film review is a technical task. It’s not an ordinary kind of writing. You need an excellent vocabulary and excellent skills of expression to write one. This article elaborates the steps involved in writing reviews, shows the review of the movie ‘It’ as an example, and shows a list of good sites that do reviews.

Write a draft before scribbling the full review, state your opinion explicitly in the start, and provide evidence for your arguments using details in the movie. Write as concisely as possible. Make good use of adjectives. Mention the names of influential members of the cast, and elaborate their performances.

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Steps Involved in Writing a Movie Review

No matter what sort of movie it is, it’s worth reviewing as long as it is watched and liked by people. A good movie review is one that not only informs the readers on the various aspects, features, and elements of the movie but also entertains them along with giving them a genuine opinion on it without leaking excessive details of the plot to them. Good reviews are fascinating to read. Here is a detailed process of movie analysis and reviewing.

How to Prepare the Draft for a Movie Review

Start the analysis with an opinion or fact about the movie that’s compelling. The intention should be to write something so interesting that it gets the readers hooked to the review in an instant. They should get an idea about the whole review as well as the movie just by reading the first sentence and be able to tell whether you liked or disliked the movie.

Clearly State Your Opinion on the Movie

No need to write the review in such a way that readers have to guess your opinion. Write your opinion early on, and use the remaining space to prove the rating you’ve given it. You can make your thoughts very clear by simply giving the movie a thumbs-down or thumbs-up or rating it 1 out of 5 or 10.

Write the Review Supporting Opinions with Evidence

As you watch the movie, take notes. No matter how strong your opinion is, it doesn’t count if you cannot support your stance with facts. Pay attention to details. In support of your arguments, you may even have to draw readers’ attention towards the facial expressions and gestures of the actors. Take notes about soundtracks, background music, sound quality, the richness of dialogues, actors’ level of expressiveness, their costumes, their interaction with each other, sizing and placement of subjects and objects, and timing of events. The more details you’ve noticed and noted, the more equipped you’d be as you write the full movie review.

Hot and Sizzling Review of Movie “It”

Everyone knows how clowns look more creepy than funny. Sure you find them horrendous too, correct? However, you’ll find them horrific to the next level in the movie “It” as the dancing goofy follows the children and torments them in the small town. Bill Skarsgard has done a perfect job as he’s made the clown so effortlessly frightening, and his maneuvers – deeply unsettling. The character’s not vamped up. We can see his coy side – the side children can and do find pleasing, but it suddenly and surprisingly flares up into a hostile clown, making the transition even more shocking and terrifying to bits. I’ve had a very good time seeing this movie, and it’s about time movie review is written.

The unexpected element of humor the story reveals is even more attracting than its horror. It’s not easy to strike such a perfect balance of complimenting tones; we can see the tense moments suddenly eased with a swift quip, as well as a deep and strong monologue when the viewers are expecting a killing blow in the situation of heightened stress level. But the director manages to find that balance nearly all the time, and the credit also goes to the excellently calibrated acting of a cast well-selected.

The parts showing the bonding among kids are in some ways, even more, convincing than the parts showing the creepy clown. Nevertheless, it`s finally those flashes of the frilly fiend that have the power to scare the audience even in the dreams. The movie has Jaeden Lieberher from the Midnight Special in the leading role, whose appeal as an actor only intensifies with every movie, and Sophia Lillis, who performs outstandingly as the only female member of the crew. The movie draws the characters distinctly, narrating a backstory with prudently picked details suggesting the reasons behind their fears being the cause of their utmost vulnerability to the attacks of Pennywise.

We’ve witnessed the work of Stephen King being adapted in plenty of ways all these years. The frequency with which the adaptations show up on screen has increased, and most of them have been very well, but “It” stands second to none of them. It can be safely argued that the best way in which King’s work has been adapted in the 21st century is in this movie. Under Andy Muschietti’s direction, the play has been translated in the most gut-wrenching and visceral manner on screen. The movie certainly deserves 5 out of 5.

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So What Do We Take Away from This Review!

A close examination of this review makes it evident that the author has used difficult vocabulary. Reviews are meant to be that way – packed with information shared in the most concise manner, and filled with adjectives to make the opinion expressive to the maximum level. You need to take your vocabulary to the next level before you start writing the next movie review. Same things can be expressed in a variety of ways, but you have to select the words that do the utmost justice to the underlying meaning of your arguments. That, more often than not, is accomplished with the use of unusually difficult words.

It can be noticed that the review touches upon all important parts and elements of the movie, whether it’s the acting of people in the main lead or the changing shades in the character of the story’s villain, the clown. While it does that, it in no way, even begins to narrate the story to the audience. This is one of the most crucial elements of a good movie review – it keeps the thrill and adventure alive by giving hints and flashes of the story without making any clear depiction of how things go by and what happens in the end. The review should be such that it raises the interest level of the audience rather than putting them off by telling them what happens in the story.

The movie review shows elements of comparison as well. Sometimes, the author compares the performance of one character with that of the other. You will also commonly observe the music being compared to another movie’s soundtrack or popular songs. Using the technique of comparison, the author suggests whether the work is above or below a certain standard.

Last but not the least, good reviews name all important people in the cast, whether it’s the hero or some actress, the director, the producer, music composers, and even the original play writer whose novel becomes the basis of the story.

Some of the Best Movie Review Sites You Can Visit

To gain a better understanding of how reviews are written, you are suggested to see even more reviews available online. There are many good and popular websites containing outstanding reviews. Some of them are:

  • IMDb
  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • IGN Movies
  • Fandango
  • TMBd
  • Roger Ebert
  • Taste of Cinema
  • The Guardian

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