Tips for the Best Essay Linking Words

Essays are sometimes hard to even for the students with a wealth of writing experience. The essay questions come with complicated instructions that you need to follow. The different types of essays come with their own guidelines.

The first essay type that you can have is the expository essay. Here, the requirement is that you should do a thorough investigation on an idea, evaluate the evidence obtained, write down your idea, and support your presentation. For descriptive essays, the expectation is that you need to give a vivid description of an issue at hand. Narrative essays are stories about an actual/imaginary event that happened to you or someone else.

Whichever essay type you write, there are specific factors that have to be catered for. The first thing is to ensure that you have a comprehensive thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. The statement is what determines the areas your essay is expected to cover. The body paragraphs are meant to give an expansion of the matter at hand. In conclusion, you have to review the content in the body without sounding repetitive.

However, the attractiveness and the ability to understand your ideas come with how you transition from one idea to the next. The professor needs to see that there is a flow in the ideas in the essay. That is where the essay linking words come in. If you misuse them, your content may be hard to understand. That is how you end up with a low grade.

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The Building Blocks of an Essay and How to Link Them

Coherence is an essential aspect of any essay writer. As much as doing research is an integral part of essay writing, how you present that information matters. If the essay does not flow, the professor may find it hard to read it because it is boring. You have to learn how to link ideas, sentences, and paragraphs to stand a chance of achieving success.

The main question then becomes, what makes up a complete essay? How should the various parts of the essay be linked to ensure the essay quality is at par with the professors’ requirements? Are there better essays than others? To answer these questions, you need to know the various parts of a complete essay:

  • Introduction

This is where the main topic of the essay is introduced. It also acts as a hook that determines if the professor can be interested in the rest of the content in the essay or not. A boring introduction makes the professor have the impression that you are not competent enough to complete the essay tasks. Therefore, the introduction is your chance to impress and attract the attention of the readers to the content. How can you make it interesting? Write an intriguing fact, funny quote, or a disturbing statistic to make the reader want to read the rest of your content. You can also begin with a question so that the professor can find it useful to read the rest of the paper to obtain the answers.

Additionally, you have to inform the readers of the specific viewpoint or argument that you intend to defend. This is what is called the thesis statement. It is like a road map for the professor to know how you intend to argue. Therefore, you need to be clear as you write this section. The professor should know when you are transitioning from providing the background information to the point where you write the thesis statement. Any confusion may mean that the quality of the essay may not be as high as you would have wanted. Consequently, learn the linking words for essay writing

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  • Body

The body is the longest part of any essay. It is where the paragraphs that explain your viewpoint are located. In other words, it is where you substantiate and defend the thesis statement. For example, if your argument is that public smoking should be banned, the first body paragraph should contain a justification for the ban, such as the spread of cancer to secondary smokers in public. In the next paragraph, the writer can base the argument on the effects smoking have on the environment. It is important that you support each of the ideas presented with factual evidence. Moreover, you should provide examples that the professor can identify with. besides, there should be consistency in the ideas. Therefore, you have to use the linking words appropriately so that the professor can tell the move from one argument to the next.

What makes a good body paragraph? It begins by ensuring you have a clear topic sentence. This is also called the focus sentence, which dictates the argument you intend to defend. The next stage is to explain the argument so that the professor can understand exactly what you mean. No one wants to go through the confusing content. Using linking words in essay is a skill that comes in handy in such situations.

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  • Conclusion

Here, you should remind the professor of the arguments presented in the essay and how these ideas have been supported. Therefore, you need to restate the thesis statement and highlight the ideas in the body. At the same time, do not bring up any idea that has not been discussed in the essay body. Additionally, do not be repetitive as you give the overview of the ideas in your essay. Lastly, you can also give a final thought on the subject.

All the parts discussed above make up a complete essay. They have to be interlinked to that the reader can follow and comprehend your line of thought. Although you would want to sound more informed, avoid transitional words that you are not sure of their meanings. Besides, you do not want to create more confusion in your writing. If you have a problem with making your piece more coherent, you need the help from a skilled writer. We are a company you can count on in such situations given that we have writers with the highest levels of expertise owing to the fact that they have done the writing tasks for a long time.

What Are Some of the Linking Words for Essay?

How do you define the linking words essay? They are phrases used to show the connection between the ideas in the essay. In other cases, they show a shift in an argument. They can be employed in a different situation.

As an essay writer, you need to know how to use them appropriately. It is inappropriate to through them across your paper without proper comprehension of the role they play. Learn so that you do not select the wrong ones to use in the linking words essay writing. Some examples and various uses are explained below:

  • Showing agreement or likeness

These are the words that are used to make additional information on a subject. It is used in situations where the writer intends to make an argument more persuasive. Examples of words to use in this case include ‘again,’ ‘equally’ and ‘too’ among others.

  • Bringing the idea of contrast

In this case, you use the words to show that the idea you intend to bring up is the opposite of what you talked of before. In other words, they show a shift in the stream of reasoning. Examples of words, in this case, include ‘unlike,’ ‘but,’ ‘rather,’ and ‘although among others.

  • Summary

Some people do not know how to conclude their paragraphs or essays. There are transitional words that can help you do it correctly. The examples include ‘obviously,’ ‘definitely’ and ‘in conclusion’ among the many.

However, you should not use these essay writing linking words excessively. Overusing them may make you lose track of the ideas you intend to have in the essay. Secondly, you should know where to position them.

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