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LinkedIn® is a platform that is directed at providing its members with prospects for employment. Currently, the number of active users on it exceeds 280 million. That’s, of course, quite a huge number, and it makes it difficult for profiles of even the most capable professionals get noticed. So if you need to provide your profile with a competitive edge, it is imperative that you fill it up with all the right content. As a professional writing service for LinkedIn® profiles, we can help you achieve that.

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If you are not experienced in writing profiles for LinkedIn®, you can take the help of a professional service. But if you choose to write it yourself, we have outlined a set of criteria that you should follow. They’ll help make your profile professional, no matter what industry it belongs to. The criteria are as follows:

  • Tailor your appearance in the profile photo to the requirements of your profession.
  • Fill out all sections in the profile.
  • Make your profile prominent by giving it a good title.
  • Highlight your achievements and your capability to help out the prospective company.
  • Connect with people you think are professionally successful.

Why Have Your Profile Made by a Professional LinkedIn® Writer?

Yes, LinkedIn® is a compelling medium for people who are in search of jobs, but everything starts with getting noticed. That’s not easy when LinkedIn® has hundreds of millions of users. When you want to get noticed, you should be sure you have taken appropriate measures to make your profile special than all of those candidates.

If you are doing it the first time, its quite possible for you not to have any knowledge, experience, or vision for the right designing of the profile, so getting help from someone who does this day in and day out for thousands of people is always the right thing. But before selecting anybody for help, it’s important to do some research about the helper’s capability. You’ll find many online sources of assistance with writing profiles for LinkedIn®, but don’t choose them without reading comments and reviews about them.

How the Best LinkedIn® Profile Writing Service Does It

LinkedIn® is a vital tool for the determined job seekers. Like most social media forms, recruiters and managers responsible for making hiring decisions commonly review LinkedIn® profiles these days. Especially if you are in the starting phase of your professional career, it’s even more important for you to present your best version because you lack experience. If you consult any professional service of profile writing for this work, here’s what it will do to give your profile a good appealing touch.

Display a Killer Photo on Your Profile

You set the first impression on the prospective recruiter through your profile picture. If you appear like any other average candidate, that’s not quite a strong first impression to set. You need to take steps to make yourself look distinct and more professional than the others. And there’s no single best style of taking profile photos for LinkedIn®. The correctness of style depends upon the industry you are looking for a position in.

While deciding your attire for the photo, think about what kind of attire is worn by people who serve in the industry. For example, if you are looking for a job in some legal firm or a giant accounting company, it’s important for you to wear similarly professional clothes in the photo. On the other hand, if the position you opt for relates to the world of arts or performance, you get more room for creativity while dressing up for the profile photo.

Regardless of what kind of attire is a norm in the industry, place a clear photo on the profile. Make sure it’s high resolution and is recent. Take a picture especially for your LinkedIn® account. Your random Facebook pic is not suitable to be set as your profile photo. Taking care to choose a suitable photo shows that you take your work life seriously, and that’s a good gesture to make in front of the employers.

Don’t Leave Any Section Unfilled in Your Profile

If it’s your first time creating a profile, you’ll be asked a set of questions by LinkedIn® regarding your qualification and experience. Having to write so much text in so many spaces may seem like a daunting task, you are advised not to leave any space blank in the profile. A complete profile reflects your dedication to the profession and that you are confident in your approach.

However, if you have to fill out multiple profile sections on LinkedIn®, that doesn’t mean that your content should be as comprehensive and detailed as an essay. Try to sum up your education and professional experience in only a few sentences. A best LinkedIn® profile writing service makes the content concise, understanding that recruiters don’t have time to read a great number of details.

Place a Suitable Headline on Top of the Profile

The headline is one of the most important sections of your LinkedIn® profile. You have a range of options to choose from. Nearly half of the users of LinkedIn® like to use the title of their current job whereas the rest like to build a suitable work-related theme with it. This lets them be more innovative and is recommendable especially when you want to get a high paying job for the first time. The best approach is to make your heading goal oriented. For example, writing ‘Fostering strong relationships through behavioral counseling’ is better than writing ‘Relationship Counselor.’

Tailor the Summary of Your Profile to What You Can Do

Employers know that people try to use big words to make themselves sound important. But most recruiters are not in search of people who look important – they want people who are capable of successfully doing complex tasks of the job. This can best be achieved by tailoring the profile language to your capabilities for the recruiter.

Find and Follow the Professionals You’d Like to be Like

Nothing is more important than connecting with the right people on LinkedIn®. These days, many people get jobs through connections. Many employment opportunities are not even advertised. Companies just ask their existing staff members to find suitable candidates to fill up the vacant positions. The employees are free to recommend anyone they know or like. Maybe that friend you don’t generally talk to knows an opportunity you are best-suited for. So staying excluded doesn’t help in the modern job market. Find good and well-connected people and follow them.

Probably you are one of those people who think that sending others requests or following them makes you look like a wanna-be. Don’t worry that sending people connection requests will make you look like a stalker. You can find professionally successful people and follow them straight away without even requesting a connection with them.

Look at the updates of those people, and also have a look at the pages they read and follow. See the career pathways they chose – maybe, with little effort, you can also follow the same path and get where they’ve reached. If you can, it’s advisable to ask the successful professionals to mentor you in your career. They may have suggestions worth knowing for you to give your career a boost.

You May Also Use Our CV and LinkedIn® Profile Writing Service

online resume writersIf you don’t know how to make your profile look and be professional, our writing service is there for you. There’s an experts’ team in our company. Each of its members has prepared hundreds of profiles successfully based on his/her awareness of points valued by the recruiters. Our writers not only fill up spaces on the form but also produce content that’s unique and is powerful enough to get you several steps closer to the desired objectives.

Our company uses keywords that are optimized by the search engine so that your profile gets a high probability of readership by prospective employers. So if you get your LinkedIn® account summary from us, it will have high chances of getting noticed. There will be a call to action at the end so that the business partners and employers feel encouraged to link up with you. The steps to get our help are fundamental as you can see them below:

  • The first step is of making us aware of all details.
  • Subsequently, we get your customer profile ready on time.
  • You see the profile and suggest revisions if required.
  • Finally, we modify it to match your requirements.

Our past customers are super satisfied with their profiles. Have a look at the LinkedIn® profile writing service reviews for our company, and you’ll be convinced. Get our help.

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