Learn How to Write a Topic Sentence for an Essay from Experts

Proper writing requires that a student’s creativity be on top-notch. These sentences are very vital in organizing and segmenting all academic papers. They introduce the audience to what they should expect in any paragraph of the essay. To learn exciting tips on how to write a essay topic sentence, stick with this blog; it has a professionally checked guideline on the essentials of leading sentences in your writing. The reason why a topic sentence is placed at the start of every subsection is to give the reader a direction.

This must be formulated more or less like a thesis statement except that it doesn’t introduce the full essay but rather introduces the particular paragraph. One should see it as a trailer of a film or a magazine headline. It states the key point of the subsection, and when it’s done excellently, then the rest of the writing should be simple. A lead sentence is supposed to visibly state the ideas that the writer intends to discuss here.

It should not be a mere introduction or announcement of the paragraph’s theme, but rather it should bring out the writer’s objective without necessarily mentioning it. Leading sentences should have the following characteristics:

  • They must be accurate. A reader will be enticed by a direct statement that fulfils their expectations. It should not be broad so that the reader will be clouded with so many details.
  • Should be brief as much as possible. The sentence should be very short and not full of unnecessary information. Most of the information is contained in the rest of the paragraph.
  • Try to be balanced with the rest of the sentences. Since it relates the thesis statement, it should not be so broad to lose track of its purpose. The leading sentence should be neither too vague that it cannot be discussed in the particular subsection, nor should it be too shallow. It is supposed to be at equilibrium between the two characteristics.

Essay writing topic sentence should be perceived and taken as a good thing. With the knowledge on how to write proper statements, a student can comfortably avoid writing poor paragraphs that end up being illogical. Below, find examples of both poorly written and perfect leading sentences.

  • a) Manchester United is the greatest club in England.

Above is a poor leading sentence. Not only does it tell the reader very little about this club, but it is also very general. Manchester United is one of the highly celebrated football clubs in the country, is a fact, and there may be nothing else much to discuss in the paragraph.

  • b) Manchester United club, founded in 1902, boasts most titles in England, it is attracting high-end sponsors due to its public influence.

Above sentence gives any reader a clue of what to anticipate, i.e., a discussion relating to the club, titles, as well as, sponsorship. This statement is neither too broad, nor too shallow, and it is making a point of introduction. As a topic sentence, the example is tough as woodpecker lips.

Leading sentences are also regularly used as a link from the preceding subsection to the next one. It is, therefore, necessary to use transition words like “unlike,” “in addition” to indicate the relationship between the paragraphs. E.g. unlike Europeans, Chinese have unique traditions that have been maintained by generations for years without being neutralized by outsiders.

Professional Tips on How to Write a Topic Sentence for an English Essay

English is the most preferred language world over, and many academic institutions have adopted training in it. Many research papers and articles are also written following the basics taught in these classes. Writing proper essays in this language demand the unique technique, of using the lead sentences. International students studying English in Australia ask questions regarding compositions of perfect essays. Here are some useful guidelines on how to start with a topic sentence in an essay.

The first step is to outline clearly the essay ideas. Each of these notions will represent a paragraph. When you have a good plan of the work and knowing where to place what, the rest will flow like a breeze. Let each subsection reflect its purpose and rhyme with the topic sentence outlined in the original plan.

Secondly, understand what links the thesis and lead sentences. A thesis statement delivers a general argument in an essay; it is located in the introductory part of the whole paper. It carries the main idea of the entire essay, but the topic sentence only provides a preview of a subsection within a paper. Understanding and actually tightening the link between the two is very crucial. All new students coming into writing should look into essay topic sentence examples. Getting familiar with these critical essay tools on our website has helped new students from Australia and other countries to get firsthand skills. They are now able to differentiate between a poorly written lead sentence and a decent one. Always remember that writing proper lead statements work towards strengthening your paper.

How Can Students Avoid Making Mistakes When Writing Topic Sentences?

Many leaners err when introducing the essay in the first-person pronoun. This is why we advocate that you learn how to write a topic sentence for an essay. For instance, most college papers require doing sufficient research to argue a number of points. Using “I.,” e.g., “I will explain….” The sentences sound awkward, and the audience might question the validity of the facts mentioned therein. First persona topic sentences are very weak.

The other thing that students should avoid is wordiness. Using overly complex vocabularies may seem appealing, but if the line is not clear, the whole idea ends up being distorted. No one wants an incoherent set of words for a lead sentence. It will also give the audience the impression that the content is equally dull.

Don’t provide all the information at the start of the subsection. Only a little portion of what one should expect is given in this sentence. Quoting is also not recommended at this juncture because the speech marks are not the writer’s arguments or ideas. The lead sentence is supposed to be the writer’s perspective on a concept. If a writer has an excellent opinion-based quotation, they can paraphrase it with their own words.

This leading sentence must also mention only the things that the writer is ready to discuss in the paragraph. When learning how to write a topic sentence for an English essay, students are cautioned to avoid providing any excess materials at this level, information that they may not end up discussing in the subsection.

Further Sample Lead Sentences for Your Practice

The examples will improve the technique of new writers. They say training makes perfect. Below are a few samples together with ensuing explanations.

“World War II, fought between 1939 and 1945, was a turning point of the politics of Italy.”

The above makes a point of discussion. One would ask why World War II is important in the history of Italy. There is a flow of details, and a reader would be interested to know why it was the defining moment.

“The great lift valley, found in Kenya, is the most agriculturally potential region in East Africa because of its rich soil nutrient.”

The writer here has described the location of the great lift valley and its agricultural nature. A reader will be interested to know more about why it’s the only region rich in soil nutrients. The example is a perfect lead sentence.

“9/11 was the most tragic event in the history of terrorism in the United States.”

The statement is illustrating pure facts. It is very general for any audience to be interested in what will follow after the sentence. The event was very catastrophic. It is also vague when appearing as a leading sentence.

As seen in the above samples, the topic statement is supposed to bring out the “why” reasoning and not the “what.” A cause of an event must come before its effect. There should be minimal miscommunication between the overall thesis statement and the leading sentence. Whether the writer is new or they want to perfect the art of writing essays, one must apply the skills of formulating a topic sentence. Not only is the expertise necessary to students, but the art cuts across every aspect of writing, whether at the workplace or in other forums.

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