Understanding the Typical Essay Plan Template

The process of essay writing has always been kind of art regardless of whether one is a native English speaker or not. A majority of writers seeking for tips to improve their writing just yearn to find that standard “right” way of writing an essay. Unfortunately, there is no magical formula for writing an essay. There is no single standard procedure for writing effective essays in all subjects.

There is hardly any English proficiency test that is truly complete without even a single question whose response should be in the form of essay writing. In the Pearson Test of English, one is required to write an essay too. The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a proficiency test for assessing the English mastery of prospective New Zealand and Australia residents applying for a permanent visa. The PTE test is a comprehensive assessment of the writing skills of the applicants but starts with assessing how impeccable the applicant’s comprehension of a particular topic is.

Besides demonstrating comprehension of that given topic, the applicant should also be able to demonstrate that they completely understand what is required of them. For instance, an applicant could be asked to write a composition explaining their stance in a particular topic or make a comparison between the disadvantages and the merits of something stated in the prompt of the essay. The applicant’s score will entirely depend on:

  • how impeccable they respond to the essay prompt;
  • the paper’s structure;
  • the correctness of the vocabulary and grammar.

In regards to the essay section of the test, it is uncomplicated and straightforward. It is crucial for applicants to understand the fact that the essay writing process in a format approved by PTE is the critical element to succeed. An effective Pearson Test of English essay plan template enables the writer to enhance their ability in organizing their ideas, thoughts and write the essay in the correct format. Considering the significance of an essay planning template, it is imperative for applicants taking the PTE essay writing test to understand how to use one.

The PTE Essay Structure Template

The essay writing process takes a lot of time. As such, it is important to plan well to avoid running out of time. Characteristically, the number of words required in a PTE essay is between 200 and 280. It is strongly recommended to divide the entire essay into four sections or paragraphs. This does not necessarily imply all sections have to be of similar length. All the paragraphs need to adhere to an essay structure template that is logically flowing.

This is why it is advisable to always begin with the paper’s introduction. To craft an impeccable introduction, writers are advised to use an essay introduction template. The introduction section should, essentially, introduce the essay’s topic and make a description of the writer’s opinion on the subject. Using between 30 and 50 words is sufficient for the introduction section.

The essay’s subsequent paragraph should explore the argument presented in detail. This paragraph has to revolve around the writer’s opinion on the subject and all the reasons why they hold that particular opinion. If the writer is a proponent of the claims made in the essay prompt, they should give evidence to support their stance.

On the other hand, if they are an opponent of the school of thought presented in the essay prompt, they should argue with evidence supporting their opinions. This section of the essay forms the body of the paper and thus is typically longer than the rest. This section should be written in 100 words or more.

The essay’s third section explores the counter-argument of the paper. In this section, the writer makes the assumption that they are opposing the topic. As such, they have to give reasons why they are opposing the topic. This section should be written in 30 to 40 words.

The final PTE essay paragraph communicates closure. This paragraph should be conclusive of all the writer’s arguments from the preceding paragraphs. Here, the writer should make a comparison of the arguments presented in the first and second section of the essay. The recommended length of this section is between 30 and 50 words. To successfully write a compelling conclusion, writers are advised to use an essay conclusion template.

Effective Tips for Using PTE Writing Essay Template

Here you can find all the needed info and vital tips on how to handle the ssay and score high.

Keep the Writing Uncomplicated

In the writing process, using convoluted and extremely lengthy sentences is discouraged. The longer the sentences, the higher the likelihood of making punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar mistakes. The assessors of the PTE writing test are not seeking to read lengthy sentences. These assessors anticipate reading logical and clear sentences. As such, it is strongly recommended for test takers to use a PTE writing essay template for their essay section.

Taking Adequate Time for Planning out the Ideas and Points to Be Written

A majority of test-takers usually run out of time when handling their Proficiency Test for English due to frequently changing their minds about the ideas and arguments to present in the essay. Due to frequently changing their minds, they have to begin over and over again. People erroneously believe that to get the ball rolling, they should begin writing their essays from the get go and ideas will flow along as they write. However, this is actually not the right strategy for writing essays effectively. Beginning with a well-mapped out plan is a great way to save one from having to begin over and over.

The notion held by most people that are writing an essay plan will lead to wasting time is misguided. Writing down a few crucial thoughts and ideas before beginning writing the essay does not take much time, but one is guaranteed of saving a lot of time by doing so.

Using the Appropriate Essay Format

When a PTE essay is mentioned, people automatically think of having to write five paragraphs of text in a short time period. As a result, most of the test-takers often panic due to the realization that it is extremely complicated to write five coherent paragraphs in 20 minutes.

Nevertheless, this assumption is totally misguided. Aussie test takers are not required to write their essay using the five-paragraph structure. A test-taker won’t be able to finish writing their essays if they use this structure.

What Structure Should Be Used?

It is important to always remember that there are numerous “right” ways to structure the paper. Below are the two most effective ways to structure the essay:

The first way to structure the essay: Weighing all the arguments

  • First paragraph: Introducing the essay topic
  • Second paragraph: Writing all the arguments in support of the topic
  • Third paragraph: Writing all the arguments opposing the topic
  • Fourth paragraph: Conclude the essay

The second way to structure the essay

  • The first paragraph: Introducing the essay topic
  • The second paragraph: Presenting the argument against the topic
  • The third paragraph: Writing the argument in favor of the topic
  • Fourth paragraph: Concluding the essay.

Each of the above-mentioned paragraphs requires just a few well-structured sentences to convey the idea clearly. Test takers are advised to go through PTE writing essay template pdf to get the complete idea on how to write using the appropriate structure.

Brushing up on the Academic Vocabulary

It is important to brush up on your vocabulary regardless of whether you are a Native English speaker or speak English as a second language. Some of the ways to brush up on vocabulary include reading lots of literature material such as articles in newspapers, autobiographies, novels, or virtually any material that someone can find. Besides improving one’s vocabulary, reading widely also enhances one’s comprehension of material based on context. Reading all the aforementioned material and numerous PTE essay template pdf should help test-takers prepare adequately for their essay test.

It should be emphasized that the writing section of the Australian PTE test is not all about making the test-takers craft a masterpiece of work. Rather, it is meant to help the assessors evaluate the test-takers’ prowess in organizing their thoughts and ideas logically, clearly, and coherently. The organization of ideas and thoughts should be done using the most appropriate vocabulary and an impeccable structure of Aussie English grammar. Essentially, those are all the prerequisites of successfully writing a perfect PTE essay. An impeccable essay can be written by virtually any individual is given that they have prepared adequately to take the test. Preparation for this essay requires patience and adequate time to learn some of the most effective tips for writing.

It goes without saying that preparation alone cannot guarantee test-takers of writing impeccable PTE essays. Adequate preparation has to be coupled up with using the right tools. Apt tools act as a guide for test-takers taking this writing test. One of the most effective tools is the essay template. Using the template will aid students in planning, writing and proofreading their essay. That being said, it is worth noting that students finding difficulties with using templates in preparing impeccable essays can always rely on our service to help them. All the student needs to do is place an order and wait to have their work done and submitted punctually.

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