How to Write Sentence Starters Essay

Essay sentence starters are powerful and effective phrases that are used to improve the text. Many essay writers in Australia struggle with choppy and monotonous sentences that are difficult to read and understand. However, if writing an essay has been causing you nightmares, stay here and learn how to use sentence variety strategies to enhance your writing skills.

Sentence starters for an essay and other academic writing can be achieved by using some phrases or words at the start of a sentence. Ensure you have used different words to begin your sentences in a given paragraph. A combination of long and short sentences in your essay can enhance the rhythm of your text.

You can use transition words as your sentence starters. Transition words belong to various categories. Some are words that add emphasis such as assuredly, as usual, and admittedly among others. Others are words that show cause like consequently, because, accordingly, etc. As well as, additionally, and furthermore are examples of words to add to an idea. There are also transition words that show contrast such as instead, conversely, and however, among others.

Why You Should Use Sentence Starters in Your Essay

It’s important to ensure that you have used sentence starters throughout your text. Some of the reasons you should consider using them are:

  • You can use transition sentence starters to organize your ideas and concepts
  • The use of transition and linking words throughout your essay will make it stand out from others
  • The correct use of concluding sentence starters will make your essay interesting and encourage the reader to stay around waiting for what you will say next
  • You can use transition words to enhance the credibility of your essay and make them sound more professional
  • Transition words will make it easy for you to write your essay since you can easily link ideas
  • Using transition words in your academic and other papers will assist you to come up with better ideas
  • Transition words will also make it easy for you to make emphasis
  • Afterwards, finally, lastly, among other transition words serve as time connectives
  • Prior to, customarily, historically, and other similar transition words enables the writer to show background ideas
  • When writing your essay, you may be tempted to use subject-verb sentence structure extensively. However, the use of transition words reduces the risks of falling into this trap
  • You can also use transition words like such as, for instance, and to illustrate this among others to give examples

How to Use Sentence Starters

When writing a sentence starters essay, you can use numerous words. However, you should always be careful and ensure you have used the right words in every sentence. Therefore, your choice of words should depend on whether:

  • You are starting a conclusion

Some of the sentence starters you should use to achieve this goal use words such as obviously, in conclusion, overall, finally, etc.

  • You are emphasizing an idea

When you want to stress an idea, consider using words such as particularly, as a rule, especially, etc.

  • Adding evidence

When writing an argumentative essay, you should consider adding examples and evidences in your work. Some of the words you can use to achieve this include for this reason, consequently, etc.

  • Stating things in order

Sometimes, you may have to write events as they happened. Consider using sentence starters such as similarly, in fact, then, next, etc.

  • Contrasting or contradicting

Adding a contrary opinion is recommended when writing a persuasive essay. To achieve this, you can use sentence starter phrases such as conversely, yet, on the other hand, however, etc.

  • Adding information

You can use sentence starter words to add extra information in your essay. Notably, providing supporting information is crucial in giving your article credibility. You can use words such as but also, not only, additionally, furthermore, and moreover, among others.

When writing your essay, it’s important to ensure that you grab the attention of your readers. When using transition words, ensure that the subject comes after the comma. Besides, after every transition, put a comma. More importantly, use different transition words in your essay to ensure it’s not boring.

Using sentence starters for university essay is an impressive way of improving your writing. After you have written your essay, consider revising it several times to ensure you have used the transition words correctly. Proofreading your work before submitting will allow you to correct common grammar errors that may cost you good grades.

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Why You Need Persuasive Essay Sentence Starters

Persuasive essay sentence starters are as important in the composition as they improve the content and quality of your article. Even when your persuasive essay is worth the interest of your readers, the choice of your essay sentence starters used will determine if they will continue or not. If you use dull opening sentences, your readers may ignore your essay.

When writing your persuasive essay, it should motivate the readers to keep reading. One of the easiest and most effective tactics you can use to achieve this is by using essay sentence starters. Make sure that these sentence starters give your readers a hint of what you will cover in that paragraph and the question that you will work on.

When writing an argumentative essay, make sure that you use engaging and interesting sentence starters. While this technique is effective when writing this kind of essay, many Aussie students are unable to remain consistent. Consequently, the readers may ignore the rest of the article when they are just midway.

How to Choose Sentence Starters

While writing attention-grabbing essay sentence starters is highly recommended, most students in Australian universities find it challenging to use them effectively in their work. Before thinking of the best sentences starters to use, it’s important to know how to select good phrases or words. Here are some of the steps you should take when choosing your essay topic sentence starters:

  • Understand the kind of literary work you are dealing with

An argumentative essay is different from narrative, descriptive, or definition essays. Consequently, the way you define events or concepts should depend on the type of essay in your type of essay. You should always ensure that your choice of words matches the kind of literary work you are handling.

  • Understand your audience

When selecting your sentence starters, consider your readers. It’s important to note that different readers require a different choice of words since they don’t have to share the same language. For instance, if your target is professionals, ensure the language you use matches their expectations.

  • The purpose of your essay

An argumentative essay should be written depending on the instructions from your professor. Researched on your topic to produce a content-rich paper that will meet the expectations of your tutor and enable you to record high scores.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Persuasive Essay

Using persuasive essay topic sentence starters is essential in convincing writing. However, many Australian students are never consistent in their persuasive essays. Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid:

  • Repetition

To encourage your readers to continue reading your essay, you should avoid repeating the persuasive sentence starters in your work. Instead, try to use different starters to break this monotonous.

  • Long opening sentence

It’s advisable to use a short opening sentence to enable your readers to understand your point faster. Using long opening sentences will make your essay difficult to read.

  • Wrong punctuation marks

You should always use a comma after every persuasive essay starter. Therefore, before you rush into using different punctuation marks, familiarize yourself with the other punctuation rules such as the colon and semicolon.

  • Use of boring sentence starters

Not all sentence starters will give your persuasive essay an interesting start. If you want to keep your readers hooked, consider using attention-grabbing statements in the essay.

Examples of Persuasive Essay Sentence Starters

The main goal of writing an argumentative essay is to persuade or convince the audience. Therefore, you should provide solid evidence and use a soft convincing tone to achieve your goals. While there are no specific methods to use to attract your audience’s attention, here are some sentence starters that you can incorporate in your argumentative essay:

  • While it’s clear…
  • The facts are clear…
  • Some may say…
  • You must agree that…
  • While I agree…
  • In my opinion…

Uses of Sentence Starters

You may use argumentative essay sentence starters for different purposes. For instance, you can use them to expand a point or even introduce a contradiction. However, you should always be careful and ensure that your choice of words has served the intended purpose correctly. Moreover, remember that these words are supposed to make it easy for the readers to go through your text.

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