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Are you looking for a cheap essay proofreading firm? Well, look no further for we are all that and more. What exactly does this mean? Simply, aside from offering you excellent proofreading services at a student-friendly price, we also provide you with tons of advantages and guarantees. For years, top students in Australia have been using our service to ensure that their essays are polished and thus free of misspellings, grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, and typos.

We understand that many students struggle with English to some level. See, while they might speak the language well, communicating their ideas in writing can be difficult, or at times may be laden with mistakes. How so? Well, written English is a whole other kind of ball game. One has to pay particular attention to minute details such as abbreviations, conventions, formality, passive voice, verb tenses, among other issues that are often difficult to take note of unless you are an experienced proofreader. Such mistakes can cost you big time in your exam. However, you do not have to let it get there. Not when you can make an order with us quickly and get an experienced proofreader on your task.

So, how can you get assistance from one of our qualified proofreaders? Just write “I need help proofreading my essay” and send us this message via text, Chat, or email. Immediately after receiving your request, our Support Team representative on duty will promptly get back to you and walk you through the entire ordering process. Alternatively, you can get help proofreading your essay here by following our straightforward ordering process below. Now that you’ve already done the hard part of writing your article, our professional proofreaders will ensure your efforts pay off by eliminating any mistakes from your piece!

Guaranteed High-Quality Essay Editing and Proofreading Services

We provide all our customers with error-free work that meets all the specifications that they give. Moreover, our proofreaders work with your academic level in mind. Thus, you are sure of getting output that is a match for your level of education, for instance, if you are a college/ university student, we will provide you with work that shows the writing skills and language fit for the typical college/ university student.

Have you ever heard of the “Track Changes” feature on MS Word? If not, here is what it does. It allows you to see all the corrections that our professional proofreaders make on your essay and enables you to either accept or reject these amendments. With that cleared out, it is essential to note that with this feature, we give you the final say regarding the changes you wish to have on your essay. Thus, you can always be sure that your paper is what you intended it to be.

Last but not least, we have a double-check policy that works like so. Once your assigned proofreader is done with your essay, it is passed to our Chief Proofreader who checks it further to ensure that it is free of any errors. Excellent, right?

Check Out Our Exclusive Benefits

Away from quality-related matters, here are more advantages of working with us:

Top and Experienced Proofreaders

If you were to name services with qualified proofreaders who possess years of experience under their belts as well, we would be among the top three. We are renowned for connecting students to premium proofreaders who understand their job very well. All proofreaders on our platform possess Masters and PhDs in English and other related disciplines from top universities in Australia.

Furthermore, they have an excellent track record in providing proofreading services over the years. How do we make sure of this? We do in-depth background checks on all our experts and also administer rigorous proofreading exercises that gauge their competence at the time of hiring.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We run a service that intends to fulfil all the requirements specified by our customers. That way, we can ensure that our clients are ever satisfied with the work we do. One of the ways we achieve customer satisfaction is by providing them with high-quality work written per the guidelines they provide. Another way we ascertain that our clients are content is by continually communicating with them. See, we never go quiet on our customers leaving them in the dark and thus frustrated. On this platform, you can expect speedy responses to your queries, direct communication with your writer, and the overall say regarding your task.

Completion of Work Within the Specified Deadline

Why would we work with our own timeline yet you are the one who makes the order? After all, you understand the urgency of your task, and anyone you hire should respect your deadline. Given that we are a professional service, we take deadlines very seriously and endeavour to finish your work way ahead of the deadline. We do this to guarantee that you get time to go through your essay and accept or reject any changes as per your liking.

Useful Feedback to Help You Become a Better Writer

Our proofreaders provide feedback as well as suggestions in the form of comments in the MS Word essay document you upload to our site. This information can help you learn how you can carefully proofread your work to ensure that it is error-free and a match for your academic level in the future.

Student-Friendly Prices

We have set reasonable prices to ensure that we do not hurt your pocket. You do not have to do away with an important thing because you have to pay exorbitant fees for your essay proofreading services. We are here to ensure that as many students as possible access quality proofreading services within their budgets.

Round the Clock Availability

Our proofreading service runs 24/7 all year round. Hence, you can be sure of accessing the assistance you need on your essay at the very instant you require it. You do not have to wait until morning to place your order. Instead, you can get us to pick up on it even if it’s late at night.

Follow-Up Questions

We will not leave you upon the completion of your order. You can always come back with questions regarding the corrections our editors have made on your paper, and they will be ready to respond to all your queries. Moreover, they’ll provide you with convincing explanations on why the changes made were necessary and appropriate for your work.

Get on with Proofreading Your Essay Here These in Easy Steps

Here is an elaborate guide on how to work with our service:

  • Order

To place your order, click “Upload Document.” After that, you will be quickly redirected to a page where you can upload your paper conveniently. Once your document is on our platform, proceed to fill in all fields on the online order form. Here, you will have to provide information such as the deadline, the pages you want to be proofed, supervisor’s guidelines, and so forth.

  • Pay

Use one of our trusted payment methods to send your proofreading fees to us. Upon confirmation of your payment, we will select a suitable proofreader from our team and assign your order to them. We pick the expert for your work based on your requirements and field of study.

  • Track

We all hate being in the dark. For this reason, we allow all our customers to communicate with their proofreaders directly via the message board. You can ask anything regarding your order and also provide additional instructions if there is the need.

  • Download

You do not have to keep logging in to your customer account each time to see if your order is completed. We will inform of the completion of your task via email/ SMS. After that, you can log in to your account and proceed to download your thoroughly proofed paper.

We Give You Unique Guarantees Each Time You Order

We go beyond providing proofreading services. Check out the guarantees you get with us only:

  • Money back: If your school rejects/ cancels your essay because it is of low-quality, we will refund your money in full.
  • Confidentiality: Privacy is one of the things that we value most here. You can rest assured that we will not share your details with anyone.
  • Original essays: Once we are done proofreading your texts, we will use Copyscape and Turnitin to eliminate any accidental or deliberate plagiarism from your piece.
  • Compliance with your instructions: Our proofreaders work on your paper while following your instructions to the letter.
  • High-quality: We assure you of an excellent composition that follows the norms of Australian writing. Moreover, your article will be free of any mistakes and fit for your academic level.
  • Revisions: We will review your essay at no cost for up to 2 weeks after we complete your order.
  • Timely completion: We will finish proofreading your composition way ahead of the deadline and upload to your account where you can download it.

Eliminate all mistakes from your essay fast by hiring a cheap professional proofreader here!