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Do you need an objective pair of eyes to check your work? We can connect you to a top editor who will correct all the mistakes in your paper, and in turn, help you to become a better writer. Our service is renowned for providing high-quality editing services to Australian students who need essays for various purposes, for instance, academic essays (narrative, compare and contrast, argumentative, and so on), admission essays, personal statements, and scholarship essays.

Primarily, we offer professional English editing services. We have a vast team of Masters and PhD holding editors with excellent command of UK, US, Canadian, and most importantly Australian English. Given this large number of experts on our service, you can always be sure of getting connected to a qualified, tested, and proven English essay editor that will do a superb job for you whenever. That said, it is also essential to note that we offer editing services in other languages such as Spanish, German, and French. We have accomplished native editors from Spain, Germany, and French respectively as part of our team of premium editors.

Our editors use the “Track Changes” feature on MS Word that allows you to check, then accept or reject any corrections made on your paper. By doing this, we ensure that you have the final say regarding the changes and that your essay conveys what you intended to communicate.

Do I need to make a reservation? Absolutely not; placing orders with us instant. All you have to do is this- follow our simple ordering process below. Better yet,  just reach out to us via toll-free call, text, or email, and we will get back to confirm your task and eventually assign it to a top editor.

When You Should Make Your Order with Us

You should always get professional editing services whenever you feel like you are too drained to edit on your own. See, it is normal to get worn out after writing your paper, and this state is not ideal for performing editing. You are bound to make mistakes during the process or worse still, miss the very errors you want to correct.

Away from that, come to us if:

  • You are slow and cannot edit your essay in time to beat the deadline.
  • You have other pressing assignments.
  • You cannot edit well-enough because your knowledge of English is inadequate.

Enjoy Working with a Professional Essay Editor and Other Benefits

What are the advantages of working with us? For one, we only connect you to professionals who have demonstrated their competence over many years. Moreover, we go on further to train our editors on best practices to ensure that you always have a worthwhile experience with us. Expect constant communication and courtesy throughout your interaction with our expert.

Apart from that, below are other benefits to working with us:

We Provide High-Quality Work

The whole point of getting us to edit your essay is to make it top-notch. Thus, we go out of our way to ensure that your paper is meticulously edited such that it is free of grammar mistakes, typos, misspellings, and punctuation errors. Moreover, we check your sentence structures to ensure that your paper has the perfect blend of simple, compound, and complex sentences.

You Get Useful Personalized Tips for Improving Your Work

One of the standout perks of working with us is that we provide you with useful feedback regarding your essay. This information can go along way in ensuring that you improve your language and writing skills. In turn, you can learn how to write essays with fewer mistakes with each passing assignment, and in no time, you will become a pro writer yourself.

We Have Field Specific Editors

A Geographer might edit well, but not better than a graduate in Linguistics, Creative Writing, Literature, or any other English-related course. We understand this, and that’s why we only assign essays to English experts. We do not want to water-down your writing or worse still, provide you with inadequate editing services by assigning your task to editors with specialties in other disciplines.

We Are Always Punctual

No one understands the importance of deadlines better than we do. Hence, we strive to ensure that we finish your essay way ahead of the deadline to give you sufficient time to go through it and confirm the changes we make. That said, it is worth noting that with us, you can choose your deadline. We can edit your essay within 8 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 3 days, or 1 week. Do you have a shorter timeframe? Well, we have good news for you. We can edit your paper in as little as 3 hours!

24/7 Support and Editing Services

Our support team is ever online to ensure that your concerns are addressed quickly and adequately. We will not subject you to a long wait when you pose a question to us no matter the circumstance. Other than that, our editors are always ready to pick up on your order no matter the time of night or day. We understand that you might require immediate assistance with your work late in the night or at times very early in the morning. So, even if you everyone else is available, remember that you can count on the availability of our proficient editors. And lest we forget; we are available on weekends and holidays.

Convenient Ordering Process

It beats logic to subject you to a lengthy procedure when ordering with us. Thus, we have simplified the process to ensure that you can place your order quickly and be done in at most 5 minutes. With us, you never have to allocate a lot of time to the ordering process. You can use the time we save you to take the much-needed rest you deserve.

Amazing Real-Time Customer Reviews

If you are still on edge concerning hiring one of our editors, take a minute or two to go through our customer feedback section. There, you can see what our happy customers have to say regarding our work and customer service way before you have to make your order.

We Offer Additional Services

In addition to editing services, we check the clarity, structure, and layout of your essay. Consequently, we ensure that your writing has clear ideas/ arguments, is well-organised, and is well-paragraphed.

We Have Access to Powerful Software

Once our human editors are done correcting your essay, it is checked using a powerful essay editor app that reveals any other issues with your paper. Then, all these mistakes are amended as per the grammar rules for Australian English.

Hire an Essay Editor for Students in Simple Steps

How can you place your order with us? Here is a guide through the entire ordering process:

  • Upload Your Essay

Click on the “upload/ order” button and proceed to upload your entire essay document. If you only need specific pages to be edited, be sure to choose these pages. When it’s all done, we will calculate the price you have to pay for your editing services.

  • Pay

Send the payment for your editing services using one of the methods we support. Currently, you can use Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal to make your payment. Once receipt of the same is confirmed, we will pick a suitable editor from our team and assign your task to them.

  • Track

You can use the message board on your customer profile to contact your writer and learn about the progress made in your essay. If you have additional specifications to provide, feel free to communicate them to your assigned editor via the message board.

  • Download

Your task will be completed sometime before the expiry of the deadline. Upon its completion, you will get a text or email from us informing you of the same. After that, you can download your professionally edited essay document from your client profile.

We Are the Ideal Editing Service, Check Out Our Guarantees

On top of our excellent editing services, we assure you of:

  • 100% original work after editing. We use powerful software such as Copyscape and Turnitin to check for and ascertain that your work is free from both accidental and deliberate plagiarism. Moreover, you can request a plagiarism report from us.
  • A full refund if your university cancels or rejects your paper because it is of low-quality.
  • Utmost confidentiality as we will never share any details regarding our interaction with anyone. We can also delete your work upon your request.
  • Timely completion and delivery of your essay.
  • Revisions whenever you need them at no cost whatsoever. You can request reviews for your essays for up to 14 days after getting your edited piece from us.
  • Full-compliance with all your editing instructions.

Hire a top editor to get a well-edited essay and useful feedback to help you improve your writing!