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For college students, writing a dissertation is one of the most challenging tasks they will have to encounter. This is due to the many different sections that students have to focus and craft. One of the tricky sections of a dissertation is the methodology. This is where a student is supposed to show how they conducted their research. It includes the type of data you gathered where you gathered it and the various methods used. Having to write a methodology can sometimes cause trouble for students driving them to seek writing help. In this text, we provide some writing guidelines for the methodology to ease the process. However, first, let us explore why students need help with such a task.

Why Students Need Help with Their Dissertations

One reason would be to reduce the workload. Students normally have a lot to cover in the form of assignments, coursework, essays, and papers every semester. Sometimes they might find themselves with a huge workload and minimal time to complete all of it. Seeking help would be the only way they will be able to cope with their academics.

Another common reason is having poor writing skills. A student with poor writing skills will have trouble expressing themselves in papers and even in a dissertation. Their work might not meet the instructor’s expectation which might result in a poor grade. Poor language will also have similar effects since the ideas and arguments might be unclear or fail to make sense to the professors.

Failure to understand the task is also a good reason. Different sections of a dissertation need different presentation content and structure. Students who do not understand how to present their work correctly will end up producing low grading dissertations.

In some cases, it is to eliminate the stress of dealing with such an intricate assignment. Dissertations can cause headaches depending on the familiarity of the student with the methods of writing them.  Having to write one can cause sleepless nights especially if the deadline is close. In order to obtain peace of mind; students will have to find professionals to deal with the work on their behalf.

Lack of time also plays a big role in this. Some students have part-time jobs or other pressing responsibilities outside academics. Such a student has very little time to spare from their busy schedules. Dissertations require time, research and a lot of focus which this student will struggle to provide. The only way out would be to find someone to help them.

Basics of a Dissertation Methodology Structure

The dissertation methodology outline should comprise of the following parts.

  • The philosophy section. Here a student is supposed to present the philosophy that supports your There are many philosophies that students can present here with the main ones being positivism, interpretivism, and post-positivism. Select the one that is most useful in the study.
  • The Research approach or context. This is where you have your dissertation survey methodology. The aim here is to answer the questions what, where, when, how and why. You will also have to explain whether you will use qualitative or quantitative methods or even both depending on the nature of the study.
  • Research strategy and design. A student here shows how the data was collected. They will also have to show whether the data will be qualitative or quantitative. The methods of data collection used will also have to be identified, and the student should justify their use.
  • Data collection and analysis. In this section, you show the means used in collecting the data and then showing the methods of analysis you used for the data.
  • Limitations, Ethics, Reliability, Validity. Here you are supposed to explore the ethics considered in your research; how reliable the research was, how valid the research was in fulfilling the objectives and how the research was limited.

 A Touch on Theoretical Dissertation Methodology

Dissertations can sometimes be purely literature based. This will mean that the methodology section will mainly consist of theoretical analysis. For theoretical dissertations, the research design will have to be identified from the start.

A Peek at Research Methodology for Law Dissertation

When writing a law dissertation, there are different approaches used in methodology.  The most common is the doctrinal or black letter methodology approach. Here the main aim is to gather, arrange, and describe rules of law and also to provide a commentary on the importance of the attested legal sources to which the rules apply.

The other main one used is the sociological methodology. In this methodology, empirical knowledge is the main focus and the aim is to explore the impact of the law and the legal proceedings on the involved parties. Choice of the one to use will depend on the preference of the student.

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