Useful Pointers in Writing a Dissertation Introduction

The introduction is usually the first part that a person reading a dissertation will go through. This does not mean that it should be written first. In fact, it is advisable to write the introduction and the abstract after all the other sections. This is to ensure that the ideas flow and it will help in flexibility if the scope of the research changes.

The introduction part of the dissertation is supposed to achieve the following:

  • Give background information to the research
  • Present the focus of the study
  • Show the significance of the research
  • Provide specific research objectives and aims

Our Idea of a Dissertation Introduction Structure

For a good introduction, there is a structure that a student needs to adhere to. Although the arrangement of the elements might vary the components of the introduction are relatively similar.

Here are some of the main components that you should have in your introduction section of the dissertation.

  • Background and Scope – This is an overview of the issue or area being discussed in the dissertation.
  • Problem statement- A detailed description and explanation of the problem being addressed. Should be clear and concise
  • The conceptual framework of the study. This is where you have the theories that support the study. This can also be the practical and theoretical relevance of the study.
  • Purpose of the study. What the study aims to achieve in a practical
  • Research questions and the objectives of the study
  • A brief highlight of your research design- Answer the questions what, how, when and where briefly to give the reader an idea of what to expect
  • The outline and overview of the other chapters. Provide a brief description of the main contents of subsequent chapters of your

The Purpose of a Dissertation Introduction Outline

The outline of a dissertation appears in the introduction although it features all the other parts of the paper. It is a to-do list for the dissertation. It is where you summarise the content of every chapter in very precise sentences. The outline should guide the writer in the writing process. It should contain a clear sketch of your thoughts and ideas in every section of the dissertation. It is always advisable to vary the word choice and avoid repetition in this section.

Essential Tips for a Good Dissertation Introduction

To ensure that a student has a worthy introduction for their dissertation there are a few requirements it needs to satisfy.

  • First and foremost it should introduce your
  • It should attract the interest of the reader. This can be done by using practical examples and relate to current trends.
  • It should explain the relevance of your The introduction is the first part you reader will see, and therefore this is where you should show the significance of the research.

Also when it comes to the introduction, the tense used should be simple past for the background and simple present for introducing the subject.

Remember that there is no set length of an introduction and so you can space your work. Avoid repetition, be precise in your sentences and also proofread the work when you are done.

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