How We Can Help You with Writing a College Admission Essay

Writing an admission essay is not an easy task. Although it appears to be simple, one only realizes the hidden complexities once one delves deeper into the actual writing work. But don’t worry – we’ll help you!

We are a custom admission essay writing service. Entering the industry over 5 years ago, we have worked tirelessly to help thousands of students get enrolled in the colleges of their choice. Ever since our inception, we have pulled together a team of extremely professional writers. They are really good at admission essay writing and are well-versed with the standards, criteria, and requirements of colleges. They can produce writing matching to the level colleges expect from the applicants.

If you place an order on our website going through a very easy process, you will get an original essay tailored to match your particular details. All this will be done at a fair price, and within the deadline you establish. Our guarantees provide you with surety for our excellence. We share our customers’ testimonials to substantiate that too. Our best help is just a few clicks away from you. You don’t want to miss an opportunity that offers such a wonderful combination of quality, efficiency, and economy.

Why You May Need College Admission Essay Help

You may need help with writing your admission essay for a variety of reasons. We can understand it and know very well because we have spent years writing these essays. We know how hard the criteria are and given the importance of this document, you can’t make any mistakes.

It’s such an important essay that it can make an otherwise failing application successful. And wrongly done, it can work against an otherwise good application as well. So you need to be very careful with every single bit of detail you provide. Filtering out information from your profile, life, experiences, aptitude, hobbies, and achievements keeping all these challenges into consideration is not easy.

If you tend to seek help from your friends or non-credible sources, you may end up getting even more confused. The more people you consult, the more perplexed you get. After all, everybody would guide you with respect to their own concept and understanding of an admission essay. There’s absolutely no guarantee that their views are correct. You need genuine assistance from people who have done this work for years professionally, and that’s us!

Colleges tend to have well-defined criteria for admission essays. As an applicant, you cannot go beyond a certain word-limit. Providing as many important details about yourself relevant to the application as you can in such a confined space is indeed challenging. Add to it the pressure to do everything right, and you get nervous.

You can’t even go wrong with the standard of language. Let’s say you opt for a program in an Australian college, you need to make sure that your essay is written according to the Australian English standard. But what if you don’t know it well as a British or an American citizen? You risk making mistakes, and that can cost you your dream of getting enrolled in the program of your choice.

An admission essay should be reflective, descriptive, and at the same time, very professional and academically sound. There’s no room for making mistakes of grammar, word choice, sentence construction, formatting, punctuation, and spelling. Everything needs to be in perfect English from start to finish.

You may want to proofread the essay after writing it, but every time you go through the essay, you become confused about whether you’ve shared the right set of ideas and details or not. You don’t know whether you’ve put too few or too many details. All these factors make writing an admission essay challenging.

We Spice It All Up with College Admission Essay Prompts

You should use our service because we adopt unique ways to make your essay appealing. In particular, we make it spicy and interesting so that it immediately captures the interest of the reader. We use essay prompts and college admission essay questions to give it a direction and set its mood. Some examples of such prompts and questions are as follows:

  • Describe an aspect of your background that has played a role in making you the person you are today.
  • Share an experience in which you failed at achieving something. What effect did it have on you, and how will you avoid losing in that situation next time?
  • Discuss a time when your outlook on life and world changed. Why did that happen? What positive changes did that bring in your life?
  • Write about a moment when you became sure you wanted to join a certain profession in life.

The best part of these prompts and questions is that they make us think outside the box. This helps us make your essay unique so that it has a wow factor. It’s exactly such details that make your application stand out. Our professional writers document the information in such a way that the reader becomes convinced that you are the right candidate for the position, so you deserve to be granted a chance to study in your selected program.

How to Place the Order for Your Admission Essay

Our process of placing the order is very simple. No need to go through the irritating procedure of registering with our website, trying one username and password after another. Your account is generated automatically, and your login and password are emailed to you. Its exclusively yours and no other person has access to it. Here is how it goes:

  • Filling in the order form
  • Make the payment
  • The order gets assigned to the best writer

You provide your name and email address in the order form. Then you place instructions for the admission essay. Certain things you should consider putting in the order form include the name of your chosen program and college, your present education status, number of words you require, references and their types, formatting style, and general details about yourself that can be of interest to the admission board. The writer will synthesize your essay using the very details, so it perfectly suits you. Then you make the payment using Visa, or MasterCard. This done, and the order is placed!

Now starts our work. We instantly find a writer who is a best-fit for this job. The suitability of writer for orders is determined based on their education, skills, and experience and their relevance to the requirements. For example, if you are applying for a program in Psychology, somebody with a Masters in Psychology is best-suited to write your admission essay. This way, he/she can incorporate the details and reorient your personal information in a way that it coordinates with the requirements of the program.

After placing the order, you are advised to visit your account as frequently as you can. Your writer may leave you a question in the message board if he/she has any. Your timely response is appreciated as it will facilitate the writer. That’s it – the work starts, and you get the essay by the time you need it.

Have a Look at Our Guarantees for Your Essay

You only want to look at our guarantees if you are a new customer. We can say this with surety because our old customers have been so satisfied that they have left positive reviews about our company. They have found for themselves that we really fulfill every commitment we make. That is the reason why they frequently suggest our service to their friends and peers; an important reason why our customer base is so large. We commit everything that can be expected from a professional service. Here are our guarantees:

  • We will respect your deadline. You may get your essay earlier. If not that, it won’t pass the time-limit in any case.
  • There will be no copied content in the essay from elsewhere without proper citation. We have a very strong mechanism to check the file for plagiarism, and only submit work to our clients after we are sure of the content’s originality.
  • You can get your essay revised as many times as you want without paying any additional cost, as long as you ask for revision within 2 weeks of the initial deadline. Just make sure you don’t add instructions that conflict with the original order requirements.
  • We will remain available to you 24/7 on live chat or phone. Feel free to reach us using these mediums any time you want assistance.

Still Thinking? It’s Time to Take Action!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your perfect essay. Place your order here.