Writing Bullying Essays Made Easy with Best Topics, Prompts, and Tips

Don’t know how to write bullying essays? Is it a title you are struggling with or a prompt? Whatever it is, you can use one of our topics or prompts to help yourself. Approach the essay as a story. Incorporate catchy details, include a climax in it, and elaborate your feelings.

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41 Suitable Topics and 7 Prompts for Bullying Essays Papers

Can’t think of useful topics and prompts? Don’t worry. We’ve compiled a total of 41 topics as well as 7 prompts for you. Have a look:

  • Ways to stop bullying in schools.
  • How to deal with bullies?
  • Effects of bullying on child psychology.
  • Bullying is more rampant in schools than on social networking websites.
  • Facebook bullying is as harmful as face-to-face bullying.
  • Effects of bullying on the bystanders.
  • How to counsel a bully?
  • What to say in the face of a bully?
  • The concept of bullying at its core.
  • Why some people bully others?
  • What defense mechanism should a child adopt against a bully?
  • Bullying as the cause of post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Do bystanders sympathize with the victim of bullying?
  • What role can bystanders play in the event of bullying?
  • Is silence an effective defense mechanism against a bully?
  • Bullying as a fun activity in schools.
  • When teasing becomes bullying – where the line is drawn?
  • Describe an experience when you were bullied.
  • How to best respond to a bully?
  • Did you ever feel like bullying someone? Why did you feel that way?
  • Attitudes that evoke a desire to bully others.
  • Childhood bullying as the cause of depression in middle-aged people.
  • How to deal with a bullying boss.
  • 10 ways to cope with a bullying colleague.
  • Bullying is as dangerous as physical abuse.
  • Fear of bullying as the cause of social exclusion in teenagers.
  • Bullying invokes a sense of pride in the offender.
  • What steps can school disciplinary boards to take against bullying students?
  • Legal measures to stop bullying.
  • Can bystander intervention stop bullying?
  • We can do a lot more than we think when we watch someone being bullied.
  • Parental awareness about bullying in schools.
  • The effect of school bullying on a child’s academic performance.
  • Bullying as a significant distractor from studies in schools.
  • How to prepare a child to handle bullies?
  • The risk of being a bystander in the incident of bullying.
  • Sociological effects of bullying.
  • The long-term impact of bullying on personality.
  • Bullying as an instigator of suicidal thoughts.
  • The different kinds of bullying.
  • The psychological gratification an offender achieves from bullying.

In addition to these topics, you may also get prompts to write essays on. Prompts contain a set of questions that you have to answer. Generally, they are meant to ensure that you write an essay giving all details. Here are 7 such interesting prompts:

  • Share your views on the kinds of behaviors that instigate a desire in people to bully others. Are there situations in which bullying can be considered acceptable? Give the rationale for your stance.
  • What is the worst bullying experience you have witnessed? Did you play a role in the situation? If you did, what caused you to interfere? If not, share what kept you from interfering in the bullying essay.
  • What kinds of feelings does bullying invoke in you? Why do you think that way?
  • Do you foresee any risks in interfering in a situation where someone is being bullied? What risks do you feel? What impact do they have on your tendency to interfere?
  • Have you ever been a victim of bullying in your class? Did you tell your parents about it? If you did, what did they suggest? If you didn’t, why not?
  • Have you experienced bullying for taking action in a situation that you deemed right? Was it against the social norm?
  • How occasional bullying differs from consistent bullying? How does each affect the psychology of a child?

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How to Write a Descriptive Essay about Bullying

You may be given any of the prompts mentioned above and required to share your experiences with the audience. The bullying experience is packed with a lot of visual details that you need to translate into words to make the essay illustrative and engaging for the readers. So here, you get detailed guidance on writing it.

First of all, understand the type of essay. Yes, it is descriptive, but it has to be written in first person language. Of course, it will be a narrative essay, that will require you to reflect upon your experience. The combination of descriptive and narrative writing essentially makes it a story. So feel free to make it adventurous, thrilling, and laden with elements that will spur the readers’ interest and excitement.

Now that you have determined the kind of essay, it’s vital to familiarize yourself with the essay prompt fully. No matter how well you write, if you hadn`t answered all the questions in the prompt, you would not be satisfied with its requirements. So read the prompt at least five times unless you have fully understood it, even if it is as simple as just two lines.

Next, you need to recall details from your memory in light of the prompt. As you begin the thinking process, don’t care to filter out the bits and pieces of information by the prompt. Recall and take notes of everything about the incident that comes to your mind. The content can be synthesized logically so that it satisfies the prompt later. At this stage, it’s important that you have as much material as possible to build the story from.

Since its not a good memory that you are recalling, there may be a feeling of unease attached to the revisiting of bullying experience. Particularly if you are sensitive and emotional, it may not be comfortable for you to remember the traumatic details. However, you need to approach the matter from a mature perspective.

Understand that what happened is now an event of the past. Think positively that the incident made you learn something and also develop skills using which you can fight off bullies now. Also, writing bullying essays papers about something that has given you a hard time is a sign of maturity per se, and this should serve as the evidence for you that you’ve got over it as well as become stronger over time.

Now that you have made yourself understand, you can begin the process of recalling the details. To make the story detailed and laden with all necessary elements, it’s advisable for you to have a set of questions as a guide. Here are some of the things you should try to think and find answers to:

  • Where did the incident take place?
  • What time was it?
  • Who else was there in the setting apart from you and the bully?
  • What were you doing before the incident?
  • What act, move, or conversation became the basis of bullying?
  • What position were you in when it all started? Were you standing or sitting?
  • How were you looking? – The physical appearance of an individual can be a cause of bullying. Maybe it all started as a teasing where the offender was making fun of your hairstyle and then got off-limits to start bullying you.
  • Did it start as teasing or as bullying right away?
  • What did the bully say to you?
  • What did you say to the bully in response? Try to recall the whole conversation and mention it as dialogues in the body of the essay.
  • If there were any bystanders, did they interfere?
  • Did any of your friends help you?
  • What was the worst thing the bully did or say to you?
  • How did it come to an end?
  • Did you do anything about it? Did you complain about the bully to your teacher or principal?
  • How did you feel while you were being bullied?
  • How did you think about the whole experience a week later?
  • What effect does it have on you now?
  • What lessons did you learn from the whole thing?
  • What suggestions would you like to make to the readers?

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