Essay Introduction

How to Write an Essay Introduction

how to write essay introduction

Every person knows how important first impression is. The same thing is with essays. Readers need a couple of lines to understand whether they want to read an essay further. That’s why essay introduction plays a crucial role. Not every student manages to complete this step successfully.

The first option lies in applying to Aussie Essay Writer. The second option is suitable for those, who want to produce essay independently from professional writers. Write it on your own! Learn how to make up a quality essay introduction structure right now!

Step 1: Pick up Attractive Opening Line

An opening sentence doesn’t define but contributes the success of your essay. It works the same way the headlines in the newspapers do. It grabs the attention of the audience and makes it read further. Surely, an experienced Australian essay writing service manages to pick up the opening line without a problem.

You should understand that the hook sentence depends on the type of the essay and topic. It’s possible to choose joke, impressive statistics, shocking fact, interesting quotation, or a piece of personal experience. But it’s important to push off the content of your essay.

When your topic is serious, the joke is absolutely inappropriate. Still, aforementioned ways are good variants to start your essay.

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Don’t start with an ordinary fact. “One of the major problems of the London in the fifties was smog”. Yes, it’s a fact but it’s an old school fact.

“According to the statistic, London smog in 1952 killed more people than the cholera epidemic managed to do one hundred years before. Assuming the fact that 6800 Londoners died in 1832, the results of the smog invasion were intimidating”.

This opening line is catchy and intriguing. It invokes the desire to read further – why did this smog come to London, how people managed to get rid of it, will this happen again? These and other questions are coming to the reader’s mind.

Step 2: Present Your Topic

presenting essay topic

After you intrigued your audience you must maintain their interest and present your topic. Keep in mind that what you write in the introduction will be connected with what you will write in conclusion. So, if it’s too complicated, it’s better to apply to essay conclusion writers. Speaking about an introduction, you must understand that your topic presentation mustn’t be too narrow or too broad.

Furthermore, it’s important to focus on the relevance of your topic. Even though you write about a well-known topic, you can consider the other side of the issue. One of the most common ways to turn a “well-known topic” into an interesting essay, is to consider an influence of the described issue on the nowadays, human’s fate, etc.

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Step 3: Write Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is a brief outline of the essay. It mustn’t look like “In this paper, I am going to tell you about…” It must emphasize the relevance of the essay and its topic and show what actual questions an author is going to consider.

There are different approaches to thesis statement writing but don’t overdo it and try to be simple. Here you shouldn’t be extra-resourceful. Any thesis statement is a crucial moment for different documents. Resumes, for instance, also contain some kind of statement and when writing a quality resume paper, it’s crucial to consider it.

The introduction is a face of the essay. A student can create an impressive and outstanding face. Aussie Essay Writer hopes that you learned how to write an introduction for an essay with a help of our guideline. Still, you always can rely on the help of the Aussie essay writers! Good luck!

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