Short Story Writing Guide

5 Simple Ideas on Writing Short Stories

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Writing a short story can turn to a real challenge as it’s as complicated as writing a novel. Like a novel, short stories have many different types.

You can choose to write your short story from these various types: short, long, simple and complex. While they are different in length, they can also vary in complexity.

So, if you want to learn writing short stories, you can begin from this easy guide. The best essay writing service AU is ready to share all the secrets with you!

Read by Yourself

This should be the first rule for all writers. As a famous writer Stephen King once said, “You need to have time for reading, to have enough time for writing.”

It means that you actually need to read as many short stories as you can. With more reading, you will better understand the structure of short stories. Moreover, you need to study them, but not only read.

This requires you to make definite research, understand how writers attract people’s attention and how they make stories interesting and intriguing till the end. So, you may find it really difficult to begin your short story if you have never read short stories of other authors.

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Make a Logline for Your Short Story

To begin writing you need to understand the main idea of your short story. This can be called a logline, as it’s one summarizing sentence that shows the essence of your story.

Such loglines can be written according to a special formula. So, make a summarizing sentence using the following formula: your character + descriptive characteristic + an event + a conflict.

Such simple structure will make it clear what you want to describe and will organize your thoughts. So, this can be the first step in realizing your ideas and thoughts.

Write a Short Story

Some writers recommend creating an effective first paragraph to catch readers’ attention. While this’s a good idea, it can be quite difficult for beginners. No wonder even professionals struggle to write the best essay introduction.

Instead, the main idea is to begin writing. So, sit back, take your pen and notebook (or your favorite laptop) and write down your thoughts. This will help to relieve the stress you might have and create a necessary atmosphere for writing.

The key goal of this writing is to produce almost twice as much then you will need in the end. So, don’t worry your draft appears to be quite big. The next step will be editing and crossing out unnecessary parts, plus choosing more effective words.

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Edit and Rewrite

For some writers, this can be the most difficult part. Now you should make your short story perfect. Be ready to your story being cut, rewritten, and edited. You may find it really complicated, as now you need to choose what words and expressions will fit better and what your readers are expecting to see.

What is more, be sure to read college essay writing tips to improve your writing skills even more.

Submit It

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This final step should be done just after you reread your short story for several times. Also, remember to correct possible grammar and spelling mistakes. Consider the requirements of standard manuscript format to make your short story formatted well.

So, now you should be ready to let your creation go into the world. Forget about panic, just do it. Mind that a necessary step for publication is submitting your short story.

With this simple list of steps, you can begin writing your own short stories. You just need to have ideas to implement them in life. All the rest you will learn during a writing process. So, don’t be afraid to start and help yourself with a logline.

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