4 Champion Steps to Structure Your Essay

4 Champion Steps to Structure Your Essay

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A well-structured essay looks better and is readable. Some professors estimate essay structure and put a grade basing on the quality of the essay structure.

If you think that dividing your piece of writing on introduction, body, and conclusion is enough, you are wrong. It’s the simplest thing you can do but it’s not all you have to do. Luckily, expert Aussie writers know everything about essay writing structure and share winning tips with you!

1. Introduction

Let’s start with an introduction. The main thing about introduction is a thesis statement. Thesis statement causes a problem for students. Some of them don’t understand its purpose, others – how to write it. This element of the essay explains the purpose of your essay as well as its relevance. The reader must face the statement and get intrigued.

One or two sentence for statement is enough. You can add a little background of your essay but don’t overdo it. The introduction must smoothly lead to the main body.

If this information isn’t enough for you to write an introduction, check out this article.

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2. Main Body

Here is where all battles unfold. Here lies an argument of your essay, which you must develop further. In the case, if it’s narrative essay and there is no argument, you must give a brief overview of the essay background.

When you state the ideas, make sure that the strongest one stays first. It contributes a good academic essay structure and creates a logical path for the readers. The main body must create your outstanding thoughts but also remember to excite the audience. Even the best structure is nothing when you read an inexpressive, dull piece of writing.

3. Conclusion

The conclusion is a logical point of your essay. Some professors consider it to be the most important part of the essay as it sums up everything that was ever written before. It’s crucial to mention your thesis statement and show that you entirely developed it in your essay. The main mistake of the students here is mentioning new information. You mustn’t arise here new questions or new thoughts. You must state what important conclusions your essay helped to make.

When you reach conclusion, you have to check it out. Even though your writing skills are outstanding, you can make errors. It’s always better to use essay proofreading services. There are lots of free and quality services such as Hemingway App. It happens that the best essay is spoiled by the high number of the errors.

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4. References

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The reference list is a nightmare for students. Some students hate to do it due to the small list of the used resources. Others simply don’t know how to organize the list. Still, when you learn how to organize a list of the used literature right, you will forget about all problems!

Don’t forget to cite information in the text. Quotations are usually captured in brackets at the most appropriate point in the text. The simplest form of citing is mentioning resource (name of the book, journal, or other tutorials), year of publication, and page in the square brackets. This way you will show that your work isn’t a piece of plagiarism and you used certain resources, which you know.

In fact, English essay structure isn’t more complicated than an American one, for instance. It’s important to learn how to structure your essay right and then just follow this scheme. Good luck from Aussie Essay Writers! Don’t forget that you can order essay from our service!

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