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The Best and Worst College Application Essay Topics

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College admissions have never been more competitive than they are today. This is why application essays now mean the difference between getting accepted or rejected.

Admissions officers tend to turn to the essay as a method of evaluating students. A lot of applicants fail to take priority of the essay – they write about an unsuitable topic, choose the wrong question, or even fail to write a persuasive essay.

We understand that writing an essay is a challenging task and surely not everybody is a professional essay writer. Writing a top-notch essay takes a lot of time and effort.

If you consider yourself a beginner in this field, we recommend you to leave it to professionals and apply for online writing assistance. It will save your time and reduce the stress, as in the end, you will get your perfectly written and edited essay of high quality.

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So, what are the best topics for college application essay? In this article, we will talk about several questions from the Common Application, which is an online application and is accepted by more than 400 colleges and universities. Don’t worry, even colleges that reject the Common App usually have essay prompts similar to those in this app.

Evaluate a Significant Achievement, Experience, Ethical Dilemma, or Risk

While trying to come up with a perfect topic for your admission essay writing, think of any achievement or experience that is significant to you. Perhaps you have created your own workout routine to stay fit because you want to be a fitness trainer someday or maybe you would like to become a teacher and find working with children rewarding.

You shouldn’t dwell on your experience for long – instead, tell about how you or your expectations and views have changed because of your experience. Even fewer students will write about risks they have taken. It doesn’t have to be a jump with a parachute. You can choose to write about saying no to group mate or peer pressure, for instance.

However, if you do choose some ethical dilemma, be cautious, as questioning your moral integrity isn’t something you want to get from admissions officers.

Discuss Some Issue of Local, National, Personal, or International Concern

This is a part where you can provide more context about you in case you’ve chosen a personal matter.

However, if you chose a national or international matter, don’t be tempted to write about the Middle East or the problems of the environment. It has nothing to do with your personality. And you need to make sure the chosen matter ties into your personal interests and experiences.

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Choose a Person Who Has Influenced You

topic for Application Essay

There is no need to go into details and tell a lot of information about your “influential person.” Talk a bit about that person, but devote more words to how you have reacted or changed because of that person.

Maybe it was your favorite coach or teacher who inspired you to find an academic passion or hobby. Maybe your close friend made you change the way you treat others. You can even use some negative experience. A similar strategy is used when Australian students write bullying essays.

Describe a Historical Figure or a Character of Fiction

A lot of students find it difficult to answer this question. Here you also are not supposed to talk a lot about the historical figure or character, but rather describe how they influenced you. Maybe a unique design of a building influenced your wish to study architecture.

Perhaps, the actions of a lead character oddly paralleled your own actions. Note: If you want to stand out of the crowd, don’t choose very common novels or works that most students know from high school. Instead, choose a book or a novel you’ve read independently.

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