What Makes Our Journal Article Editing So Special

Article editing requires strong academic writing skills. In this respect, most students lack experience and insights needed to take an article to perfection. So what do you need to get it done the right way? Certainly, a professional service that has skilled editors, who have exposure to the requirements and standards of high impact factor journals. That’s exactly who we are!

We are a custom editing service for journal articles. Established over 5 years ago, we have reached a point where we have a big team of extremely qualified editors, specialized in over 40 fields of education. Yes, we got them verified, and they really are that diversely qualified. Just let us know the requirements of your order, and we’ll submit a custom edited article within the deadline you set, at a very reasonable price. All we need you to do is to go through the simple order placement process. Our guarantees provide evidence for the quality of our service, and the same can be witnessed in customers’ testimonials about our service too. Sounds great; right?

Why You May Need Professional Journal Article Editing Services

You need professional assistance because you want to get your article approved. You might not have required help had you been capable of satisfying their high academic standards. But unfortunately, the contemporary education system generally does not prepare students for such work. Students typically tend to forward articles to journals for publishing at college and university level. Their articles are an extract of their theses and dissertations.

These graduate programs are so densely constructed that teachers find it hard even to complete the coursework, let alone inculcating additional academic skills in the students like educating them on these standards. Schedules are very tight. Even students have a difficult time completing their studies. They approach these as very complicated tasks. So one thing is clear; students aren’t prepared to know what it takes to edit a journal article rightly.

There are myriad of challenges in the way of successful editing of a journal article. To begin with, you need to be well-versed in the standard of the language of the journal. Students generally can’t even differentiate between UK, US, and Australian standard, let alone editing the article in accordance with either of them. Then many students have final exams approaching while they are dealing with theses and article writing and editing work.

They submit drafts to the supervisors for comments. Students address comments and resubmit drafts only to get them commented upon again. It’s a really frustrating cycle they have to go through in their attempt to complete a graduate program successfully. Many supervisors require the graduates to get at least one paper published in a renowned journal. With a lack of sufficient time, editing experience, and academic acumen, they have no choice but to seek professional help.

You Want Help, But Have Concerns; Right?

Journal editing work is complex, and at the same time, very important. Rightly done, and you can get a paper published in a credible journal. That’s no less than an achievement to be proud of. You can mention the published paper in your resume, and prospective recruiters will be convinced of your research experience and academic skills. So you don’t want any compromise on quality. As much as you want assistance, here’s what you might be afraid of:

  • The editor will not submit the article within the deadline, and hence the date of submitting it to the journal will be missed.
  • The company will charge you more money than what it displays as the order’s price at the outset.
  • The editor will use your work to publish it in his/her own If not this, your details will be shared with outside agencies or persons.
  • The text will be edited, but still have plagiarism in it.
  • The staff will behave with you unprofessionally. Their behavior will change after you have placed the order.

If you have any or all of these concerns, we don’t blame you. Had we been in your shoes, we might have similar worries. But we commit to you that you won’t face such troubles using our service. Instead, you will be so satisfied that if you have more articles to edit, you will bring them to us as well.

Not just that, you will refer our services to your friends and peers. We can guess this because that’s what we have experienced with other customers. Their referral to friends is one of the main reasons why our client base has consistently grown over the years; so much so that we get more than 150 orders on average during the busy season.

How We Do It – Expert Scrutiny Plus Article Editing Software

A very strong reason you should choose us for perfecting your article is our dual editing approach. We have a very powerful article editing software. It carefully edits the paper in light of comments and instructions. There’s a specific way of feeding remarks in it; not many people know it, but we do!

The software does a 360-degree check of the paper. From content adjustment in accordance with the comments to spellings, punctuation, sentence structure, suitability of text to the language standard, and grammar, everything is checked. It’s a quick and easy yet extremely effective way of editing articles. So first we make the paper go through this software check.

After the paper has come out, it is handed over to an expert for further scrutiny and correction, if any. The power of technology cannot be denied, but we want to be extra sure the software has really done the job. That’s why the examination from expert comes at a second stage. The expert checks and verifies that all instructions and comments have been properly addressed.

Only after the paper has gone through both these checks do we submit the paper to the quality assurance department. So practically, the paper goes through a thorough examination, one last time. All this helps us ensure that the article is edited in the best manner possible. The product that comes out is suitable for submission even to journals of the highest impact factor.

How to Place an Order for Article Editing

The process of placing article editing jobs is very simple. There’s no rocket science involved. You need to fill out a simple form where you provide your details, including your name and email address. Your account is generated automatically. Username and password are emailed to you. Here’s how the process goes:

  • Filling out the order
  • Placing the
  • Making the payment.

Take special care to provide all details in the order form. Some of the things you should consider sharing include the name of your article, academic level, preferred standard of language, and file with comments. Not to mention, you have to upload the original article that needs to be edited as well. Your editor will understand everything by reading this order form; so don’t miss out anything. In case the comments are in a file that exists on an online database, be sure to provide your writer with the username and password as well in addition to the URL, so he/she can log in on your behalf and access the file without interruption.

After this, you pay the fee using MasterCard, PayPal, or Visa. That done, and the order is placed. Now starts our work. We instantly assign your order to the most eligible editor. The eligibility of the editor is decided based on his/her education, experience, and skills and the order’s instructions.

After placing the order, don’t forget to check your account regularly. The editor may ask you questions using the message board. Your timely response is appreciated, and required for efficient functioning of the editor.

Want to Have a Look at Our Guarantees? Here They Are

We understand your curiosity to read our guarantees. After all, you want to be sure that you’ll really get what we commit. So here they are:

  • Your article will be delivered to you within your deadline.
  • There will be no plagiarism in the file.
  • Your confidentiality will always be maintained, and your work will not be used for any other purpose but editing for you.
  • You will be able to have a free-of-cost revision for up to 2 weeks of the original deadline, just in case you needed it.
  • Finally, we will remain accessible to you 24/7. Any time you want to ask or tell us anything, simply reach us on live chat or call, and we will instantly assist you.

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